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Professional Custom Canvas Bag Manufacturer

Welcome to Biben. We are a professional manufacturer of custom canvas bag, making not only drawstring bag, but also tote bag, zipper bag, shopping bag and cooler bag.

Our mature and amazing workships allow for the possibility of customization.

Low MOQ fro 500pcs with customized design.


Folding Cotton Canvas Bag

Folding canvas packaging bag, button pouch and embroidery.

Full Printing Oil Cloth Canvas Handbags

Customized coated canvas tote bag, making your colorful logo

Large Capacity Cotton Canvas Bag

Customized size canvas tote bag, polyester lining and inside pocket

Retro Canvas Oil Cloth Handbags with PU Leather

Canvas gym bag, custom size suitable for various package

Customized Logo Cotton Tote Bag

Embroidery logo canvas hand bag, durable material and strong handle

Folding Cotton Shopping Bag

Foldable canvas shopping bag, large capacity and recycled

Durable Canvas Oil Cloth Handbags

Dark blue canvas shopping bag, coated material, full page printing

Cotton Bag with Customized Zipper

Untearable canvas packaging bag, zipper closure and PVC label

White Canvas Drawstring Bag

Canvas drawstring bag, customized logo and heat transfer printing

Your Best Custom Canvas Bag Manufacturer in China

Canvas bags become one of the most popular bags of choice because of its high performance cost ratio.

As an excellent manufacturer which provides personalized custom, Biben has capability to fulfill various  of style canvas bags. Just send us your design and purpose, Biben will offer the best solution.

No worry about the shipping, we will provide different shipping way like air shipping, ocean shipping, courier shipping, shipping way based on volume and weight.

Just send us your design, we will offer the best price.

Canvas Style

Biben Custom Canvas Bag

With the development of bag-making industry, customization has become popular. More and more materials are used in customized bag, including tyvek, washable kraft paper, oxford, polyester and so on. Among them, custom canvas bag is one of the most common customized bags. Here you will see a brief introduction by Biben which is a professional custom canvas bag manufacturer so that you can know more about canvas cloth and custom canvas bag.


What is Canvas?

Canvas is a kind of thick cotton fabric or hemp fabric, it was named after its use on sailing ships. As a eco-friendly material, canvas has texture firm, wear-resistant, compact and thick advantages. Rarely, its price is not expensive, it can be affordable.

Canvas Fabric

What are the Classifications of Canvas?

Canvas is usually divided into coarse canvas and fine canvas. Canvas generally adopts plain weave organization, a small amount of twill organization, warp and weft yarn with multiple strands.

Coarse Canvas

This kind canvas material comes with good waterproof performance. The most advantage of it is firm, so it can be used for cover of automobile transportation and open warehouses. For travel enthusiasts, canvas is also one of the excellent materials for making wild tents.

Fine Canvas

After dyeing or printing, the type of canvas can be used as manufacturing materials of shoes, luggage bags, handbags, backpacks, tablecloths and so on.

THE Classification of Canvas

The ounce indicates the roughness of the canvas texture. The greater the ounce, the greater the weight, the rougher the surface. The commonly used canvas are 6oz, 8ozp, 10oz, 12oz.

What are the Characteristics of Canvas?

Canvas is firm, durable, thick, environmental protection, waterproof and easy for carry. If there is waterproof requirement for custom canvas bag, Biben as a custom canvas bag manufacturer will do PVC glue coating.


Wear Resisitant

The thicker the canvas, the more wear-resistant it is. Compared to bags made of linen, canvas bags are more durable and have a longer service life.

Wear Resistant


Canvas is more softer touching than Oxford. It feels more comfortable than woven bags which will not hurt your hands.



What are the Colors of Canvas?

Canvas is rich in color, with military green, khaki, cowboy basket, etc. There is a wide selection. Customized Pantone color is also welcome, but just need higher MOQ.

6oz Canvas

12oz Canvas

12oz Canvas Color


What Items can You Customize on Canvas Bag?

No matter what color bag or style bag you prefer, Biben as a professional custom canvas bag manufacturer will meet your needs. You just send us a detailed illustration of a finished custom canvas bag.

Custom canvas bag

Custom Logo

Silk printing, digital printing and embroidery are the three most commonly used techniques for logo making. Silk printing is better for simple logo words. When the design is CMYK design, digital printing making it prefect. For logo embroidery, it makes logo feels more 3D. Any logo content is highly welcomed.

Custom Logo

Custom Style

As a innovative custom canvas bag manufacturer, Biben has focused on style development and research. Canvas bag can be manufactured into shopping bag, shoulder bag, cooler bag, zipper bag, drawstring bag, storage bag, lunch bag, cup holder carrier and so on. Each bag has its own characteristics. For example, canvas shopping bag has foldable and large capacity features. Drawstring closure design is easy to open and close the bag. Cup holder carrier can prevent your hands from scald.

The Styles of Canvas Bags

Custom Accessory

When you tell us the details and design you need, we will offer you a specific solution. According to your requirements, we can add different accessories to make different custom canvas bag.

Custom Accessory


What is the MOQ of Custom Canvas Bag?

Biben supports small batch custom orders. For custom canvas bag, our low MOQ is 500 pieces per design.


What is the Order Process of Custom Canvas Bag?

The order process of custom canvas bag can be roughly divided into seven steps as below,

  • Inquiry
  • Detail confirmation
  • Quote
  • Pre-productionconfirmation
  • Mass production
  • Shipment
  • Delivery

Design Process


What are the Reasons for Choosing Biben?

As a professional custom canvas bag manufacturer, Biben specializes in the various materials and styles bag productions, only to provide you with the high quality finished products.

Biben Products


Biben has more than ten years of experience in making bags. In addition to custom canvas bag, we also make other custom bags such as shopping bags, paper bags, tote bags, gift bags, promotional bags, storage box and bag, etc. In these years, we are dedicated to complete every production and strive to give every customer a satisfactory answer.


Detail determine success or failure. For custom bags of Biben, a high quality completion of details is essential.



Quality success brand. Biben does quality control before shipping to you. Taking custom canvas bag as an example, we do this consistently in the following areas.

Quality Controll

Any inquiry is warmly welcome. Please send us your design, we will provide the best solution.

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