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Cooler bags, known as “small mobile refrigerators”, are popular in the takeaway industry as they solve the take-out problems of food and drinks.

Now, there is a good option for you! Biben do the high quality ones. We can make custom cooler bag in the basis of your requirement.

As a professional manufacturer of cooler bag, Biben not only do small lunch bag , but also large capacity takeaway bag. From oxford, non-woven to washable kraft paper, PVC, there are a variety of options you can use.

Whether fresh, cold or heat preservation , your food can been protected well. Our  MOQ from 1000pcs per design.

Polyester Cooler Tote Bag

Insulated bag with nylon material, full CMYK printing, large capacity

Multifunction Oxford Cooler Bag

Oxford cooler bag, double-layer design, waterproof, high quality

Large Capacity Non Woven Cooler Bag

Light cooler bag, non woven material, customized size, economic choice

Non Woven Cooler Bag with Mesh Pocket

Non woven cooler bag, strong botton, handle design, ultra-large capacity

Tyvek Cooler Bottle Bag

Tyvek wine bag, thermal insulation layer, keeping cold and warm

Customized Printing Tyvek Cooler Lunch Bag

Lunch insulated bag with tyvek material, unterable and waterproof

Folding Tyvek Cooler Bag with Velcro Closure

Collapsible cooler bag, untearable fabric, customized design

Personalized Oxford Cooler Bag with Velcro Closure

Customized logo cooler bag, waterproof material, velcro closure

Customized PP Non Woven Cooler Bag

CMYK logo printing non woven cooler bag, water resistant PP lamination

Biben: Your Reliable Cooler Bag Supplier in China

How to enjoy cold drinks and fresh homemade food when you go out or on a trip? Cooler bag will be your best choice.

It contains an insulation layer that will keep the food at its initial temperature for a while. The smooth aluminum foil makes stains cleadned easily.

From non woven cooler bag, polyester cooler bag to oxford cooler bag, tyvek cooler bag, Biben can do all for you.

Low MOQ 1000pcs/customized design

Cooler bag style

Biben Custom Cooler Bag


As people’s awareness of environmental protection increasing, more and more people have been using insulation bags. It is mainly used in takeout industry and suitable for worker with meals, picnic, driving travel and so on.

Usage scene of cooler bag

As a excellent bag manufacturer, Biben has a lot of experience in custom cooler bag. We can manufacture different style of insulated bag in the basis of the fabric, accessory and other part you choose.


Custom Cooler Bag: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


We know you have many questions about custom cooler bag. That is why we write this guide. Whether you want to asking about the materials, features, custom item specifics or custom order process.

The guide has all information you are looking for-keep reading.


What is Custom Cooler Bag?


Custom cooler bag is a kind of bag with heat insulation and heat preservation function. When it keeps cool in summer, it can be called an ice pack, like a movable fridge without a power supply. It is convenient to carry and suitable for travel. When driving outing at the picnic on holiday, it is a essential item.

It can be roughly divided into two layers. The first layer is a durable cloth to prevent the bag from wearing out. The second layer is a thermal insulation layer, made of pearl cotton coated with aluminum foil, can keep warm, cold and fresh.

Cooler bag

What are the Features of Custom Cooler Bag?


Custom cooler bag has many advantages over ordinary bags. Having it, you can enjoy cold drinks and hot soups outdoors.


Holding Temperature and Keeping Freshness 


This is the first major feature of custom cooler bag. Because of the heat insulating layer, custom cooler bag can keep the temperature for a period of time. It can keep fruits, vegetables, seafood and milk fresh longer, as well as lunches and soups hot longer. In addition to the fields mentioned above, it can also be used for the transportation of medicines and vaccines.

Cooler bag 's function



Personality is the second major feature of custom cooler bag. You can send your requirements to us, including materials, logo, style and so on. According to these, we will manufacturer an custom bag that was both economical and practical. For more details about customization, you’ll find them in the second half of the guide.

Custom cooler bag

Eco-friendly and Healthy 


The outermost layer of the bag is made of eco-friendly fabric. It has no harm to skin. The aluminum foil of custom cooler bag has direct contact with food without causing harm to the eater. It is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.

Heathy and eco-friendly

Reusable and Large Capacity


Manufacturers make custom cooler bag from wear-resistant cloth. The thicken pearl cotton acts as a shock absorber. It can not only help the bag shape, but also extend the service life of the bag. Custom cooler bag is reusable and be suitable for family. It can package lots of things. The three-layer design allows it to have great load-bearing capacity.

Large capacity

What can you Customized for Wine Bags?


No matter what kind of bag you are looking for, there is one for you. We will offer you the best customized solution as long as you tell us what you need. You can start with the following aspects to illustrate your ideal bag.


Exterior Material


In environment-friendly cloths, there are a variety of options can be used as the outermost cloth of custom cooler bag: non-woven, polyester, oxford, PP woven, PVC, tyvek, washable kraft paper, canvas and cotton. Non-woven fabric is the cheapest. Tyvek is the most expensive. It is waterproof, untearable and lightweight. Same as washable kraft paper. PVC is transparent and PP woven feels sleek; Polyester material is not easy to deform. Cotton is skin-friendly and canvas is durable.

Cusotm material



No matter which outer material you choose, there is plenty of color. You can see the colors of several different materials we pick at random.


Non Woven

Non woven color


Tyvek color

Washable Kraft Paper

Washable kraft paper color



Custom business allows you to have a variety of shapes of insulated bags. The most common shapes are as follows: rectangle, trapezoid, cylinder and rounded rectangle.

Shapes of cooler bag



If having some small items when you go out, you can customize a pocket on the bag. It can packaging your phone, keys, card, mobile power supply, folding umbrella and bottle. You can choose from multiple positions on the bag: Inside, front, back and side.

Cooler bag pocket



Custom logo printing is highly welcome. After receiving the logo file, we will choose the most suitable technology to print your design. The choice of printing process is influenced by bag material, printing area, single or full color. Different material, different effect; different area, different price. Heart transfer, digital printing, UV printing, embroidery, sublimation printing and silk printing are the five most commonly used printing processes by custom cooler bag manufacturers. Then let us enjoy them.

Custom logo

As above, you can customized your logo on the exterior cloth of custom cooler bag. In addition, you can also emboss small pattern on the aluminium coating.

Emboss foil layer

Handle Design


For some small insulated bags, there is no handle. But if you like, it can be paired with a string. As for some big insulated bags, it usually has two handles or one-shoulder design. The material of the handle or one-shoulder is determined by you, which can be poly or the same as the fabric of the bag body. The one-shoulder design can reduce the heavy burden on your hands.

Cooler bag handle design

The widening design does not hurt your hands or shoulder. An adjustable buckle can make the length be right for you.




The closure design of insulated bag usually comes with zipper, hook and loop fasteners, it is for quick open. They are very convenient & durable for use.

Closures of cooler bag

Layer and Compartment


If you have too much items and need to keep them stored separately, you can customized a multi-layer bag. The barrier can be designed to be removable. If you are looking for an insulated bag for wine keeping, there is multi-compartment design. It helps the bottle stay in position, which avoids collisions between bottles and prevents wine from spilling.

Layer and compartment



In addition to the above mentioned, you can also customize the bag with other accessories, including snap fastener, PVC label, elastic draw hook and so on.


Is there any MOQ for Customized Order?


Yes. MOQ for customized order is 1000pcs per design.


What is the Order Process of Custom Cooler Bag?



Artwork confirmation




Custom order process

Why Choose Biben as Your Manufacturer?


Biben as a experienced bag manufacturer which is professional technologies with advantage equipment. In order to provide you best product, Biben focus on the details and quality control of bags. Pursuit perfection is Biben’s target, advancing with time is the motivation. You can just believe us to make your product 100% perfect. In addition to custom cooler bags, if you still interested in custom drawstring bags, custom wine bags, custom cosmetic bags, custom reusable shopping bags, custom mesh bags and custom storage bags, just feel freel to contact. Any custom bags are welcome.

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