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Are your customers impatient with the clutter of bottles and cans? Selling products with cosmetic bags  can solve all.

In spite of a cosmetic brand or retailer, a customized cosmetic bag with your logo can help build the corporate image and promote the promotion.

Biben as a experienced and professional cosmetic bag manifactturer provides a variety of bags, including transparent PVC bag, shiny PVC bag, oxford bag, cotton bag.

Low MOQ 500pcs/customized design

Multiple Layer Cosmetic PVC Bag

Makeup tote bag, transparent PVC material, customized compartment

Cosmetic PVC Zipper Bag

Clear PVC bag, waterproof, high quality standard, customzied color edge

Holographic PVC Cosmetic Bag

See-through PVC bag, rainbow, best choice for your high-class brand

Natural Cotton Cosmetic Zipper Bag

Cotton material toiletry bag, simple design, large capacity

Holographic Laser PVC Cosmetic Bag

Waterproof PVC makeup bag, zipper closure, fancy color

Customized Tyvek Seal Zipper Bag

Untearable tyvek cosmetic bag, water resistant sealed zipper

Luxurious Golden PU Cosmetic Packaging Zipper Bag

Solid color PU cosmetic bag, retro fashion, waterproof

Cosmetic PVC Zipper Bag with Washable Kraft Lining

PVC makeup zipper bag, washable kraft paper lining, classic sense

White Cosmetic Tyvek Zipper Bag with Sealed Zipper

Flat tyvek makeup bag, ultra-large capacity, fashion feeling

Biben: Your Reliable Cosmetic Bag Supplier in China

A beautiful cosmetic bag is a great way to thank customers for their supporting. Printing brand on these bag imperceptibly deepens their impression and creats more publicity opportunity.

There  are multiple options for you in Biben,  such as see-through PVC toiletry bag, holographic PVC  cosmetic bag, cotton makeup bag, oxford zipper bag, PU beauty bag, tyvek packaging bag.

Any printing content or customized requirement is deeply welcomed, just your quantity exceeds 500pcs per design.

cosmetic bag style

Biben Cosmetic Bag

Packaging the cosmetic and tools together is convenient for your beauty at home or away. Biben, the top cosmetic bag manufacturer, offers all kinds of materials makeup bag, from PVC bags, cotton bags to oxford bags, tyvek bags. All details of cosmetic bag are up to you,just tell us the requirements.

Different Cosmetic Bag Type for Your Reference

Cosmetic Bag Type

What is Cosmetic Bag?

Cosmetic bag is a a packaging bag devoted to storing and collecting makeup and tools, which is easy to carry.A concentration of store solves possible problems of finding and losing.It exerts the biggest influence on travel and go outing.A great cosmetic bag is large capacity and reusable,and the high quality allows you to use it for a long time.

cosmetic bag


Which Cosmetic Bag is the best for you?

The quantity and type of cosmetics stored is the decisive factors, and the suitable volume of cosmetic bag brings not only unnecessary weight but also extra cost.

According to function, cosmetic bags can be divided into multi-function professional cosmetic bags, simple tourist cosmetic bags and small household cosmetic bags.You can choose the right one depending on the specific usage scenario.

What is Cosmetic Bag Made of?

Commonly materials are pvc, cotton, oxford, tyvek. They are fit to make cosmetic bags but each material has their own strengths and weaknesses in terms of waterproofness, flexibility, toughness, extensibility, breathability, etc.


PVC is short for Polyvinyl Chloride, a thermoplastic resin made by polymerization of vinyl chloride with an initiator. It possesses the characteristic of smooth both side, high transparency and highly water resistant construction and is the most common material made into cosmetic bags.

Biben PVC bag

There is a thickness rang of 0.2mm – 0.8mm.Being a reliable cosmetic bag manufacturer, Biben provides transparent or holographic bag satisfy different customer’s demand. Holographic cosmetic bag is permeated with flamboyant fashion sense,but its visibility is lower than other completely transparent bags.

pvc cosmetic bag


Compared to PVC material with a certain solidness, finalizing the design is a bit difficult for cotton cloth. It is easy to shrink, easy to wrinkle. But Cotton cloth features high moisture absorption and a great soft touch, which is enough to be preferred by broad customer base.


Thickness from thin to thick, common are 8oz, 10oz,12oz and much more. When you customize cosmetic bags with different ounce in the same style, the cost of thicker cotton bag is more.

cotton thickness


Oxford cloth is a traditional combed fabric, was born in 1900 around and named after the University of Oxford. Unlike cotton bag, the bag made of oxford is waterproof. At the same time, it is more uneven to all appearances than pvc bag that is also waterproof. Its texture is firmer compared to other light weight bag, for example non woven bag.


Different thickness and hardness is defined as different type oxford including 210D, 420D, 600D and others common types. You can choose the appropriate oxford to bear weight.

oxford thickness


Tyvek is a kind of high-density polyethylene, which is a new material before oxford born in the 1950s and stated commercialized production in the ’60 s. All materials would be cheap in comparison with tyvek. However, it is still worth every penny on account of advantage galore such as light weight, waterproof, high reflectance, diffusion, high air permeability, tough. Tyvek has a look and touch similar to paper bag, but is much strong and more untearable.


There is a variety of type including 1025D, 1056D, 1057D, 1070D,1443R, 1473R, etc. They are all different in weight, softness, thickness.

tyvek type

Can You Custom a Exclusive Cosmetic Bag?

Private bag can be manufactured by Biben’s customization. As a cosmetic bag manufacturer with extensive customized experience, Biben uses our expertise in making various materials bags aplenty at size, color, layer, printing, closure, etc.


Single color represents the classic with simple and generous, contrasting thread shows the Innovation with positive and energetic. No matter what material you use, Biben as a mature cosmetic bag manufacturer prepares plentiful colors for you.



In order to attaining the convenience and speediness of putting cosmetic in and out of bag, cosmetic bag manufacturer most likes sewing or hot-pressing a zipper closure into a bag. You usually see metal zipper, plastic slider zipper, and resin zipper.



Cosmetic bags come in a variety of shape and size, then we need to know multiple dimensions including the length, width, height, gusset, diameter. Only when know the comprehensive and specific relevant data, can we make the perfect bag for you to meet your requirements. As a professional cosmetic bag manufacturer, we supply more sizes of the same bag to deal with many kinds of packaging in the same serie.



For make up specialists, simple single layer cosmetic bag has not enough volume to store all cosmetics and tools. Moreover, some spiculate makeup tools and cosmetics in tubes need to be stored separately. So the multi-layer bag is one of popular designs manufactured by cosmetic bag manufacturers. The number of layers and compartments is determined by you.



Printing directly your brand on bag helps you reduce the ad cost. Your customers use the bag printed to packaging any items or head for any place with your brand bag, and everyone he meet will have an impression of your brand. Any content is warmly welcomed. Knowing the number of colors you print, cosmetic bag manufacturer will adopt the most economic printing technology that best matches the results you want from silk printing, UV printing, heat transfer printing, digital printing, sublimation printing, etc.

Printing Printing directly your brand on bag helps you reduce the ad cost. Your customers use the bag printed to packaging any items or head for any place with your brand bag, and everyone he meet will have an impression of your brand. Any content is warmly welcomed. Knowing the number of colors you print, cosmetic bag manufacturer will adopt the most economic printing technology that best matches the results you want from silk printing, UV printing, heat transfer printing, digital printing, sublimation printing, etc.

Is there any MOQ for Customized Order?

Yes, there is a low MOQ of 500pcs per customized design.

What is the Custom Process?

Our order process of customized bags has the following rough steps,if you have put down a 30% deposit, we offer you a pre-production sample before manufacturing in bulk.

  • Inquiry
  • Artwork confirmation
  • Manufacture
  • Shipment
  • Delivery

Custom order process

Why You Choose Biben as Your Cosmetic Bag Manufacturer?

Biben maintains lots of competitive edges over other cosmetic bag manufacturers. As a leading cosmetic bag manufacturer, we have remarkable achievements in technology and production that gains the recognition of wider society for us. A high customer satisfaction is the best evidence to prove our strong ability and top-noted products.


Extensive Experience

Biben has grown rapidly and been expanding our production lines to fulfill the growing demand of cosmetic bags since our inception. Whatever cosmetic bag you need, we is willing to offer it. Rich experience avoids us making repeating mistakes and makes us flexibly respond to unanticipated changes. Leave it to us and rest assured.

Rigorous Workmanship

With all kinds of advanced equipment, Biben has developed with many of the amazing techniques of printing, sewing, hot pressing, die cutting and much more. Quality control and exquisite craftsmanship run through the whole manufacturing process. As a highly responsible cosmetic bag manufacturer, we focus highly on the completeness of every detail and try our best to prevent a production of the defective product.

detail treatment

Assured Products

Being eco-friendly, safe and qualified are the important standards as our selection for materials, accessory and sewing thread. There is an eco bag with high quality that suits best you in our wide range of production including jewelry velvet bag, gym drawstring bag, wine jute bag, durable canvas bag, shockproof felt bag, waterproof washable kraft bag, shopping paper bag, foldable polyester bag, light weight mesh bag, multi-function cooler bag.


Only if send us detailed requirements about the material, style, size, logo color of the bag need, the bags we customize for you is delivered predictably and securely to your warehouse anywhere.

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