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Cotton bag is made of nature cotton, which is eco friendly and reusable. Material from 16oz to 4oz. It is the best choice for most promotion project or even retail items on shops which with nice design printing.

All bag is customized with MOQ 1000pcs. Customized size, customized color, customized design and customized printing. Whether your design is simple one color printing or full CMYK printing, we will make it realised.

Customized White Cotton Bag

White cotton shopping bag with colorful logo, light weight and ultra-large capacity

Large Capacity Cotton Bag

Natural cotton bag, cotton rope handles, printing of  sea  world, customized size

Leopard Cotton Shopping Bag

Cotton bag with removable zipper pouch, leopard printing, customized logo

Embroidery Cotton Bag

White cotton shopping bag with long hanlde, customized embroidered logo

City Themed Cotton Zipper Tote Bag

Grey Cotton shopping bag, customized cith printing, large capacity

Large Capacity Cotto Tote Bag

Big cotton tote bag, ouside double pockets, cusotmized logo printing

Black Cotton Zipper Bag

Cotton  zipper bag, single logo printing, cosmetic bag

Cotton Zipper Bag with PVC Label

Customzied cotton zipper bag, pvc logo label, large capacity

Customized Cotton Drawstring Bag

Cotton drawstring bag, light weight, customized color and size

Biben: Your Best Cotton Bag Manufacturer in China

Soucing bag for promotion? For retail? For give away gift? Low budget but need something in high quality?  You are correct here, cotton bag is the best soultion.

From nature cotton color to any pantone color, our design is all based on what you need. Cotton tote bag, cotton shopping bag, cotton zipper bag, cotton pouch bag, not a problem.

Low MOQ start from 1000pcs only. Just show us what you need.

Cotton Bag Style

Biben Cotton Bag 

As one of cotton bag manufacturers, Biben specializes in making all kinds of cotton bags, including cotton tote bags, cotton shopping bags, cotton drawstring bags and so on. Here below you have a brief introduction to cotton bag.

What is Cotton Bag?

Cotton cloth is a kind of woven fabric with cotton yarn as raw material. It is a general term for all kinds of cotton textiles, mostly used to make bags, fashion, casual wear, underwear and shirts. It is easy to keep warm and soft enough to be skin-friendly. Cotton cloth also has good hygroscopicity and air permeability.


Cotton cloth is derived from different varieties due to different tissue specifications and different post-processing methods, including plain cloth, poplin, cambric, twill, khaki drill, gabardine, sateen, oxford, velveteen, corduroy and so on.


Using high quality cotton cloth, cotton bag manufacturers make various styles bags. Some are used for shoppers, some for students, and some for grocers or jewelers.

What is the Characteristics of Cotton Bag?

Cotton bag is washable and durable. It is a kind of environment-friendly bag and does not pollute the environment. It can be used repeatedly over a long period of time.



Because cotton cloth is soft enough, bags made from it can be folded. This saves a lot of space for bag storage when it is not in use.



Cotton bag is environment-friendly because of the biodegradability of the material. When it is discarded after a long period of use, the bag can be degraded and eventually returned to nature. It is not harmful to the environment.




Cotton bags are durable. They are reusable and will have a longer use life than paper bags and non woven bags.

the use life


Cotton cloth has a good air permeability. So cotton bags are more breathable than pvc bags.


What Color of Cotton Bag can you choose?

The raw cotton fabric is white with a yellow tinge. When a color is determined, a semi-bleached cloth is used to dye. Cotton bag manufacturers use cloth that has been dyed and processed to make bags. Here below you see some pieces of cotton fabric in different colors.

Cotton Color Cotton Color

How does Cotton Bag compare to some Bags made of Other Materials?

Compared with non woven bags, cotton bags have more delicate texture. So cotton bags have better imaging effect when printed. At the same time, it is stronger and won’t be torn easily.

Compared with paper bags, cotton bags are more durable, not easy to break, not easy to degrade after water soaking.

Compared with PVC bags, cotton bags absorb moisture better , feel softer and more skin friendly.

Can Your Logo be Printed on Cotton Bags?

Yes. Your logo can be printed on cotton bags. For logo on cotton bags, we generally use silk printing, heat transfer printing, sublimation printing and stamp printing. According to the content and presentation effect of the logo you want, cotton bag manufacturers choose the appropriate printing technology to complete the printing. You will find the advantages and disadvantages of each of the four printing methods as below:


What is the MOQ for Customized Order?

Bibeb’s MOQ for custom cotton bag is 1000pcs.

How do you Place an Order on Our Website?

As one of excellent cotton bag manufacturers, Biben has lots of cotton bag designs for your choose. Custom or OEM design is also highly welcome!

  • Inquiry
  • Cotton bag design confirmed
  • Logo design printing confirmed
  • Advise the quantity need
  • Quotation
  • Price confirmed
  • Manufacture start

If you want to double check the actual completed design and details after the artwork, we can provide you with a prenatal sample after you paid the deposit.

What can Cotton Bags be Used for?

Cotton bags have many uses. Different design cotton bag is used for different purpose. You can carry drinks and snacks in cotton tote bag at the supermarket. In the wet market, you can use mesh bag woven from cotton cord to package vegetables and fruits. At the hotel, you can use cotton zipper bag to keep your toiletries together so that you don’t forget them when you leave. You also can carry cotton handbag with a unique design to work. There is always one for you in Biben. If not, we accept customization.

Cotton Bag Usage

Why do you choose Biben to Manufacture Your Cotton Bags?

Biben is a professional cotton bag manufacturer, which has a wealth of customization experience. So far, Biben has developed over a decade. Whether the printing or the sewing of the bag,we have amazing technologies. In the production process, we not only pay attention to details, but also have a strict control of quality. In addition, we will help you plan the most economical freight route according to your cargo volume. Cotton bags made by Biben meet your custom and quality demands.

Welcome to contact us for more information about cotton bags. Your any inquiry will been highly appreciated.


Except Cotton Bag, What Other Bag Can You Choose? 

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