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Aprons protect the clothing inside from dust, splashwater, oil and others stain, which is used in almost every industry. So there is a tremendously strong market demand at home and abroad.

Being a reputed apron manufacturer, Biben offers kinds of high quality aprons to meet the demand of clients throughout the world. It includes stocked apron and customized apron. The fomer is ideal for retailers with low target price, and the latter is suitable for brands with personalized design. Pls make a choice accoding your actual demand.

If your quantity is more than 500pcs per type, it is time to contact us.

Colorful Custom Polyester Apron

Eco friendly polyester apron, smooth material, suitable for market salesman

Customized Pattern Kids' DIY Coloring Drawing Non Woven Apron

Customized graffiti apron, best for exercising children’s drawing and brain

Fashionable Printed Cotton Apron

High quality adult apron, breathable and soft, multiple patterns of options

Customized Printing Cotton Linen Apron

Monochrome linen apron with H shoulder straps, full body printing available

Adjustable Denim Working Apron with Cross PU Leather or Printed PP Strap

Satin resistant denim apron with cross PU leather straps and multiple tool pockets

Fine Wearproof Oilproof Cooking Cotton Apron with Pen Pocket

Short oilproof apron with Pen Pocket, designed for hotel and restaurant’s kichen

Half-length Plain Khaki Canvas Apron

Machine washable canvas apron with woven label, half-length, a vairous colors for choice

New style oil resistant oxford apron with Coral velvet design for wiping hands

Cute Full Printing Children's PEVA Apron

Water resistant cartoon apron, small size, full printing, easy to wipe and wash

Biben: Your Reliable Apron Supplier in China

The most important function of an apron is to protect what you are wearing. It is stain resistant and not easy to dirty. Rather than disposable plastic aprons, Biben has supplies reusable aprons for customers. Most of our aprons can be washed by washing machine.

For this point, it depends on what it is made of. We has provided a wide rang of materials for your choice, such as cotton, canvas, linen, denim, non woven, polyester, oxford, PVC, PEVA, PU. In addition to others materials, non woven is light weight and less strong, but cheapest.

As a reliable custom apron manufacturer, we has supported to help you increase the attractiveness of your products by adding printing and accessories. Even if your design is unprecedented, it is ok.

Our MOQ is 500pcs/design.

apron style

Biben Apron

Apron, a kind of daily necessities, is no longer confined to the kitchen today. It has become one of the online hot sellers and services for more working groups in different fields. Biben as a professional custom apron manufacturer offers not only routine apron, but custom apron. Now, only if you send us your requirement, we will give you a best solution.

Different Apron Types For Your Reference

apron type

What is Apron?

Apron was originally just an essential daily object for avoiding getting female’s clothes dirty when cooking, but with the development of The Times, apron manufacturer has produce more type of apron for more people regardless of gender, for more industries not just cooking. Aprons are used by anyone who is in an environment or working in a way that could get his clothes dirty. As the number of industries using aprons increased, tradition aprons sometimes failed to meet customer’s needs, so custom aprons attract more attention.

What are Apron Used for?

Apron manufacturer adopt light and breathable materials for most aprons, and air-tight materials for few with special purposes. But all aprons are foldable and washable or wiped.


Apron manufacturer makes a great variety of aprons, which allows customers in different jobs to keep their clothes clean, away from dust, mud, water splash, blood stain, oil, acid and alkali and so on. Aprons are applied to many industries, for example catering, sale, cleaning, baking, agriculture, aquaculture, painting, design. There is a rigid demand for certain jobs in these industries.

apron usage

Beside the above places, Biben as a farseeing apron manufacturer supplies aprons for kids. Most of them are used for family and school activities. Some colorless patterns only with outlines are printed on non woven aprons, waiting for the children to paint. We call these DIY Aprons. Not only can they be painted to help exercise children’s brainpower, but also be used as ordinary aprons later on.

apron usage (2)

In addition to DIY patterns, you can find an apron manufacturer with customization service to print your logo or slogan, which contributes to exposes your brand and culture to more people. If your design is unique enough that it catches people’s eyes and instantly impresses them, you’re on your way to high sales. What is more, the uniform apron with the same printing represents the unity of the enterprise, it helps to present positive overall mental outlook of staff.

uniform aprons

How to Custom an Apron?

First, send your design to apron manufacturer including the length, width, printing, type, and quantity. If you have no ideal, we can recommend suitable regular apron. Maybe it does not completely meet your ideal at the beginning,  but after we modify according to your requirement it will be. Now let us see some items you can customize for your custom apron.


There is a wide range of materials for your choice to make your custom apron such as non woven, polyester, cotton linen, oxford, PVC, PU, canvas, denim, PEVA, cotton. Before selection, you need to know their differences. Non woven is the common fabric of apron with low cost. Crisp polyester services more time than non woven, but it is not as waterproof as oxford. PU, PVC and PEVA also feature water resistant. Linen creates a more natural rural atmosphere, then denim is characteristic with retro and fashionable. As for canvas and cotton, they are similar but the former is more durable and wearproof.

apron material

Each material comes in different thickness. For instance, oxford has 210D, 420D, 600D, 840D, 900D. Then, cotton is available in 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz, 18oz, 20oz and much more. Different work requires custom apron made of varying material and thickness. Like fish market and slaughter house, fully waterpoof PVC or PEVA is the first option to make a clothing protection, which effectively keep blood, scales and water out of the clothes inside. And, both are easy to wash and wipe.


Pls tell directly us the color you prefer after determining the fabric. Or we send you a picture that contains a variety of color swatches, then note the No. Of the color you love. Finding the favorite on Pantone color also is a good method because it has more. At this time, pls remember send the pantone NO. to us.

apron color


Length is the most obvious feature to distinguish between custom aprons. And the most suitable length depends on your work need or usage requirement.

apron length

In addition to length, there are other options for you in type.

apron style

For more custom aprons, pls feel free to contact with us.


We customize apron in the basis of your requirement, it would be best if you have design artwork or sample and send it to us. Or pls at least tell us what size you want if your type need is simple, not complex. The length and width are the basic data we need of custom apron.

apron size


Apron manufacturer just providing featureless products may not have been your first choice. Ordinary aprons no longer meet the needs of modern people, more and more brands expect personalized customization. Designers has updated the main body, as well paid attention to details through adding more accessories including pocket, button, length adjuster, label, rivet.

apron accessory

In order to meet more needs of users, we keep improving our products and add more design in detail. Like our design in the picture below, it is used for wiping hands. When you are rushing to answer the phone and your hands are wet, it makes an ingenious solution.



Printing is the best supported customized item. According to the PDF, AI or PSD file (high resolution file) you send to apron manufacturer, your logo, word or graphic can be printed on your custom apron. Just spending a little on printing, you can save a lot of money on advertising.

printing oprinting

Being an excellent apron manufacturer with strong technical strength, Biben can make your mark on product by various printing methods.

apron printing

Is There a MOQ for Apron?

Yes, there is relatively low quantity of 500pcs/type than other apron manufacturers. We accept OEM and multiples of 500 pieces for each style, color and size.

How to Order Apron?

Online shopping has already become a fully-fledged business including online customization. You can receive sample to check detail and quality we finished. Our stock sample is for free, you just pay the shipping cost. But for customized sample, you should pay special custom sample fee or deposit of batch ordering. Stock sample is sent within two-three days after your have paid the shipping cost or offered your collect courier account. Custom sample needs more days, generally within 5-7days. Whether it be sample or batch order, the consignee name, phone number and consignee address are necessary information you need to provide.

  • Inquiry
  • Artwork confirmation
  • Quotation
  • Deposit payment
  • Pre-production confirmation
  • Mass production
  • Balance payment
  • Shipment
  • Delivery

As for online spot buying is much simpler. There is no confirmation of artwork and delivery of custom samples, and deposit is omitted. It has to pay in full.

Why to Choose Us as Your Apron Manufacturer?

As the first choice for apron manufacturer, Biben has rich experience in manufacturing and exporting. Specialized advanced equipment has laid the foundation for our success, and large freight forwarding has guaranteed and continued the trust of our customer all over the world.


As a reliable apron manufacturer, we has used eco-friendly and safe fabrics with relevant certificates.


Our regular customers have witnessed our development and improvement, new customers are attracted to our high quality. Their sayings are the best evidence.


Customization is the second biggest advantage, we has offered not just different custom aprons, but also all kinds of bags and boxes. Any type of cotton bag, tyvek bag, washable kraft paper bag, velvet pouch, oxford bag, felt bag, pvc bag, mesh bag, non woven bag, canvas bag, nylon bag, paper bag. And drawstring bag, storage box, shopping bag, cosmetic bag, jewelry bag, cooler bag, wine bag, laundry bag, eco bag, gym bag and other style bags. In a word, no matter what category it belonged in, you just need to send us its requirements, then we will make it real and concrete.

Bag Type

Pls feel free to order now.

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