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Do your products need to be shockproof, scratchproof, and insulated? Felt bag can meet all.

After foundation, Biben has developed various our product models, from tote bag, zipper bag, wallet to file folder, glasses bag, wine bag.

All felt bags are customized  in sizes, colors and printed with any content.

Low MOQ 500pcs/design

Embroidery Felt Tote Bag

Felt shopping bag, customized embroidery pattern, PP handles

Customized Felt Tote Bag

Fancy felt bag, heart design with PU leather, round bottom

Halloween Children Felt Candy Bag

Cute festival felt bag, die cut pattern decoration, party celebration

Felt Pencil Case Bag with Tie Closure

High quality felt packaging bag, suitable for stationery and glasses

Exquisite Felt Gift Tote Bag

Christmas theme bag, customized with your requirements

Felt Laptop Bag

Portable felt file holder, custom handle with die cut

Cute Flower Felt Tote Bag

Round bottom felt bag, large capacity, deeply loved by childern

Snap Button Felt Wallet

Plain felt bag, clamshell with button, cusomized color

Custom Size Felt Zipper Bag

Felt staionery bag, personalized made, zipper color matching bag

Biben: Your Great Felt Bag Supplier in China

Felt bags go with pu or metal accessory, which is not only stylish but also practical. You will  inevitably love it and use it wisely due to a variety of advantages like high resilience, adhesion and wear resistance.

Being a leading felt product manufacturer, Biben has offered different size and style bag with high quality in accordance with your requirements.

Besides, we has supplied the felt decorations for festival celebration and DIY ornaments for children.

If you are interested, pls feel free to contact us today.

Our low MOQ is 500pcs per customized design.

Felt bag style

Biben Felt Bag

Biben is an experienced and professional manufacturer working on bag customization and our wide rang of production contains folding polyester bag, durable cotton bag, untearable tyvek bag, waterproof washable kraft paper bag, breathable mesh bag, light weight non woven bag, soft velvet bag, shiny PVC bag, strong oxford bag, flexible drawstring bag, natural jute bag, convenient wine bag, low cost paper bag, multifunctional cooler bag, shockproof felt bag, etc. Today, let’s talk specifically about felt bags.

Bag Type

What is Felt?

Reusable bags are everywhere now. However, felt plays a prominent role in the material, which represents a fully unusual look and touch. Felt is made from wools, ox hairs or fibres, and the former is commonly used. Like non woven, it is not woven by warp and weft, but made by adhesive process in the principle of fulling milling. So felt is a great filtering material for oil absorption with tight organization and small pore and a durable material loved by felt bag manufacturer.


What is the Advantage of Felt?

Felt is a multi-role material characterized by the following various advantages,

High Resilience

Processed by planking, felt features a good elasticity and flexibility. We can use it as a unique shockproof packaging material. Therefore, felt bag manufacturer likes using the felt to customize coasters or mats for guests.

felt coaster

Good Insulation

As the productive material, warm wools make the felt equipped with a certain insulated performance. The packaging or gift bag with felt material is deeply preferred by people on account of its shock absorption and good insulation functions.

felt wine bag

Good Adhesion

Felt is not easy to loose. It is so stable that can be cut into various shapes of parts by stamping. In so doing, felt becomes the popular material made into ornamentation of wall and table to beautify room. In comparison to paper decoration, felt product is more reusable and not afraid of little water.

felt decoration

Good Wear Resistance

Different from some light weight materials such as non woven bag, paper bag, the bag made of thicker felt holders more weight. It even is used for casting polishing due to uneven surface and solid texture.

Good wear resistance

Can You Customize a Bag with Felt?

Yes, felt bag is a high customized product. Being a outstanding felt bag manufacturer, Biben has specialized in various felt bags varied in style, size, color, accessory, handle,etc.


A well fitting bag perfectly states a high grade of your brand. Multiple sizes in various series demonstrate the great strength and sufficient capital of your company. Pls send us the detailed dates including length, width and height.



According to your logo color, you can choose a right color for bag body from the pic as below or Pantone to reach the goal of harmony and unity. Of cause, a collision is also fashionable.

felt color


Different material handle matching up with the felt bag is allowed to achieve various effect in the bearing weight capacity and beauties. Expect for felt handle, a variety of options includes cotton handle, PU leather handle, canvas handle and PP handle. If not add handle made of fabric, a hollowed-out finish also makes a similar effect.



Additionally, there are multiple accessories given to you, for example snap button, zipper, pocket, magic tape, tie closure, belt closure, etc. Each accessory can be divided into many kinds because of different materials. For instance, zipper is segmented into resin zippers, metal zippers, sealed zippers; we incorporate metal buttons and plastic buttons into your choice. Favorable collocation not only increases the overall beauty but also adds function.



Bag style as the commonly customized item is depended on your purpose. Some for shopping ,some for wine, some for paperwork… All in all, varied and different. When  purchasing, it is essential process that communicating the specific type to felt bag manufacturer.

felt Bag Type

Individual Mark

When it comes to here, you may be asking how to customize your logo or mask on the felt bag? Do not worry about it. Your logo stands out clearly on the woven label sewn in the seam by felt bag manufacturer. It is one of method by sewing a piece of other fabric printed on the front or others side to cater for your outside demand. Or through laying a cotton printed over the felt. If you want all fabric is consistent, die cut can be used for.

Individual Mark

Is there any MOQ for Customized Order?

Yes, for a customized order of felt bags, your quantity need to exceed 500pcs per design.

Why to Choose Biben as Your Felt Bag Manufacturer?

Biben has developed for many years and appealed to numerous customers. We are an excellent expert manufacturing and exporting bags with professional, advanced and high quality, which is why we has become a reliable felt bag manufacturer.

Safe in Material

Biben has selected all material with eco-friendly standard to insist on environmental protection. These materials is so safe with non toxic and non arene that can directly touch the skin. If you need to package food, we provide bag made from food grade material for meeting your safe demand.


High in Quality

Detail is an important factor in assessing quality of bags. Biben which is a felt bag manufacturer responsible for products adopts the whole quality control process and focuses on details in the professional manufacturing. These premium bags offered to customers get a great feedback, and earn a high customers satisfaction for us.



Good in Service

We communicate with you in a timely and efficient manner if you inquiry. With the help of our freight forwarders everywhere, your cargo will be delivered on time no matter where are your warehouse is.

shipment assured

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