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Storage box is easy to be folded up and moved so that help you to save a lot of time and effort. It is the best assistant for storing and organizing.

Biben provides different fabric sotorage boxes, like waterproof PU storage box, breathable mesh storage box, light non woven storage box and so on. You can choose the right material to make you custom storage box according to their individual character and your purpose. The two need to be consistent.

Besides, storege box can be customized in various size, color, printing by Biben to meet your requirements.

Just more than 500pcs.

Polka Dot Oxford Storage Box

Folding oxford storage box,waterproof and see-through window

Customized Printing Oxford Storage Box

CMYK printing oxford storage box, customized color and size

Folding Non Woven Storage Box with Bottom Board

Large oxford storage box, adding handles for moving easily

Transparent Window Oxford Storage Box

Oxford storage box with zipper, custom animal window

Car Trunk Oxford Storage Box

Collasiple oxford storage box, multiple pockets, solid handle

Cotton and Linen Storage Box with Compartments

Divided storage box, eco material, packaging underclothes and socks

Drawer Type Kraft Paper Storage Box

Eco kraft paper storage box, multi-layer  design, fit to study and office

Non Woven Lamination Storage Box

Full printing non woven storage box, waterproof, customized separate cover

Custom Grey Cotton and Linen Storage Box

Custom size storage box, cotton and linen material, enough solid for seating

Biben: Your Trusted Nylon Bag Manufacturer in China

Storage boxes hava a longer service life than ordinary durable bags used for your storing and tidying. Put bottom board to support the shape of the box and increase the load when using, fold it to reduce space when not in use.

Being an experienced and professional manufacturer of custom storage box, Biben enjoys a good reputation in world markets due to our competitive price, high quality  products and delivery on time.

Place an order, and leave us your concerns.

storage box style

Biben Custom Storage Box

Biding farewell to dirty and messy, storage bag is the best choice. To help keep your space more tidier and cleaner, Biben has developed a wide production line of custom storage box, including oxford storage box, non woven storage box, paper storage box, felt storage box, linen storage box, PVC storage box, PU storage box and bamboo storage box. Just tell us your choice, we assure that they are of good quality.

What is Custom Storage Box?

A storage box is used for sorting out clutter, and custom storage box is specially manufactured with a private label. According to your need, custom storage boxes are designed in various materials, colors, shapes, sizes, printings, etc. A customized locker with multiple identical boxes also caters to you. They are necessary for small room, not only do well in clean but also decorate and beautify indoor environment.

Which Storage Box is Best for You?

As a reliable manufacturer of custom storage box, how to offer the best storage box for you under a limited target budget is our forever aim. In order to achieve it better and faster, pls tell us your information we need to know as below,

  • What is your target price?
  • What material and style do you like?
  • What is bag quantity?
  • what is bag color?
  • What are bag measures?
  • Any need logo printing? Single color logo or CMYK printing?

Afterwards, it is a pleasure to give you an accurate quotation. We will look forward to working with you.

What Fabric is Suitable for Custom Storage Box?

Being a professional custom storage box manufacturer, Biben provides different fabric storage box to meet customers’ different demand. Then, let us introduce several of common fabrics.

Oxford storage box

Water resistance is the biggest characteristic and works together with great durability to make oxford cloth as a kind of functional and versatile fabric. After combing, oxford has great improvement in texture, washability and durability in contrast to carded fabrics.

oxford storage box

Non woven storage box

Non woven is more safe with resisting fire. It is the first choice material for customers requiring to weight. Compared with oxford storage box, non woven storage box is more breathable and protect Items inside from moisture.

non woven storage box

Paper storage box

It is well-known that paper material itself is scared of water, but paper storage box becomes water resistant after coating, as does non woven storage box. The kind of kraft paper storage box with enough thickness can be used for a long time. It is purchased at a more lower price than other custom storage boxes and the perfect complement to office. The natural one is loved by office designers.

paper storage box

Felt storage box

Since it is soft and unable to sufficiently support itself, felt storage box is fit only to organize gadgets. At the same time, it is folded easily. Collecting items in felt storage box  can not only avoid clutter, but also protect these items from shaking violently. Combined with separation design, felt storage box can also avoid collisions between glass products.

felt storage box

Linen storage box

Although not as thick as cotton cloth, cotton and linen is stronger than non-woven fabric. It is more durable and less likely to degrade. As a plant fibre, it conducts heat and absorbs moisture as well as breathes freely. Linen storage box can be washed and dried in the air.

Linen storage box

PVC storage box

In addition to original PVC storage box with crystal clear, we also produce PVC tarpaulin storage box of which material is added mesh fibre and you can clearly see it in the interlayer. Whichever box you choose, high resistance to water and moisture can be achieved.

PVC tarpaulin storage box

PU storage box

PU storage box and PVC storage box differ from other storage boxes like linen storage box, non woven storage box, which are super smooth and scrub with little trouble. PU storage box features good flexing endurance, ageing and wear resistance.

PU storage box

Bamboo-carbon fiber storage box

Bamboo charcoal fiber is a new environmental protection material with excellent performance in bamboo resource development, which is resistant to moisture, bacteria, smelliness, static and electromagnetic radiation. Bamboo charcoal fiber storage box keeps items inside in a more clean, healthy and breathable environment.

Bamboo-carbon fiber storage box

What is the Characteristic of Custom Storage Box?

Why storage boxes are so popular? There are a number of reasons to encourage people to choose them.

Large capacity

A qualified storage box need not only a enough capacity bu also bear perfectly the weight of all items inside. They assist in saving time for moving things back and forth. Looking for things in cluttered room is a huge project and repeated it is not worth wasting time. Custom storage box resolves effectively this problem and keeps everywhere in your room clean and in order.

large capacity


Not so rigid as plastic storage box, most customers purchase custom storage boxes for their foldability and practicality. The good thing about flexible disassembly is that space is not taken up after folding when not in use. For simple custom custom storage box, self-assembly is available.


Specialized custom-made

Custom storage box manages to fit perfectly into the space and layout of room, which increases space utilization naturally. According to the specifications you provided, custom storage box manufacturers make it to fit right under your bed and in your locker. Even the number and size of divided compartments perfectly meet your actual use. For car supplies, manufacturers also specially design trunk storage box to refrain from them in a pile.

trunk and compartment

Specialized custom-made

What Item can you Customize?

Now that we are talking about customization, let us expand on that point. Besides the material and compartment as above, you can select any handle, color, closure, style you prefer for your custom storage box.


As a custom storage box manufacturer having a combination of amazing printing technologies and facilities, we welcome single color, double color and CYMK printing. Pls tell us the color of logo or send the printing file, which is helpful to quote accurately.



The picture below shows just a few of the common colors for different fabrics but there are countless options available on Pantone. You just need to tell us the color code. Variegated box is also acceptable.



Pls send us the specific measures such as the length, width, height. If your bag is complex, there are more data to be required. As a custom storage box manufacturer responsible for customers, we provide multi-size for the same style to meet a variety of storing demands.



With a lid, custom storage box increases sealing ability to prevent objects in the box from exposing to more dust. To take objects in and out easily, the closure of custom storage box need to be flexible and convenient, so zipper and magic tape are the most commonly used closures. Additionally, people enjoy custom storage box in drawer type.




For custom storage boxes, handles are an essential part that help people to carry and move. Die cutting handles become more comfortable and solid with suitable hollowed-out metal frames. Sewing or rivet is a good way to fix cloth handles. A pair of full metal handle is most substantial but the cost of the whole custom storage box is higher.



Various accessories are ready for adding functionality and beautifying outlook of custom storage box. Eyelet is beneficial to breathability and bottom board is conducive to remaining upright and bearing more weight. When you fold up custom storage box, quick release hook plays a role. Multiple pockets hold more small items. As for window, you even customize the assigned figure.


Is there any MOQ for Customized Order?

Yes, our low MOQ is 500pcs each style for custom storage box. If the color is different, 1000pcs is required.

What is the Order Process of Custom Storage Box?

If your quantity is small and our stock meets you, delivery will be fast. Instead, customization takes longer. To fully meet your requirements, we will also provide actual prenatal samples for your second check.

  • Inquiry
  • Artwork confirmation
  • Quotation
  • Deposit payment
  • Pre-production sample confirmation
  • Mass manufacturing
  • Shipment
  • Delivery

Why to Choose Biben as Your Custom Storage Box Manufacturer?

Biben with years of experience in manufacturing and exporting has produced various customized bags and boxes including custom storage box, flexible drawstring bag, durable wine bag, multi-functional cooler bag, reusable cosmetic bag, luxurious jewelry pouch, eco-friendly zipper bag, large capacity tote bag, fashional shopping bag, high quality packaging bag, personalized transparent bag. Our skilled and professional workers have absolutely excellent technology with advanced equipment to make the bag suiting you requirements. Welcome to contact with us now and we will give you the best quotation.

Bag Type

You do not worry any quality and shipment about cargo. We has arranged the whole quality control process and cooperated with wonderful forwarders over the world to assure the delivery safely on time. Through protracted and unremitting efforts, we has got a high customer satisfaction as confirmation of our premium quality and good service.


We has set up several efficient and flexible production lines like cotton bags, velvet pouches, paper bags, tyvek bags, washable kraft paper bag, mesh bags, nylon bags, jute bags, canvas bags, felt bags and pvc bags so that we can start mass production of any eco bags right away whenever you need. No matter which material you customize, they are all guaranteed to be safe without aromatic and toxic.


Pls feel free to inquiry us and we will offer the best solution whichever kind of bag or box you need.


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