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Wine bag is a packaging container geared specifically for liquor products, also called “bottle bag”.

With advanced equipment and superb workmanship, Biben takes advantage of a variety of eco-friendly materials to manufacturing high quality wine bags customized in sizes, colors.

Whateven any demand, our bag can meet you. Only you email us your specific requirements in all areas.

Our low MOQ is 500pcs.

Custom Full Printing One Bottle Neoprene Champagne Cooler Bag

Portable bottle bag, neoprene material, hollowed handle

Felt Wine Tote Bag

Custom felt shopping bag, single-bottle packaging, hollow designation

Eco Non Woven Wine Bag

Multi-bottle wine promotion bag, low cost material, lengthen strap

Wine Packaging Jute Drawstring Bag

100% recyceld jute bag, drawstring style, bottle packaging for shopping

Hot Sales Multi-bottle Canvas Wine Tote Bag

Canvas wine tote bag, custom divided compartments avoiding bonging

Custom Print Jute Bottle Tote Bag

Biodegradable jute bag with see-through window, protable type

Oxford Mesh Splicing Drawstring Bottle Bag

Waterproof wine bag with oxford and mesh, customized logo lable

Tyvek Cooler Bottle Bag

Tyvek wine bag with zipper, heat insulation and preservation function

Custom Promotional Wine Paper Bag

Red wine paper bag in bulk, custon logo & size for gift promotion

Biben: Your Good Jute Bag Supplier in China

Improper packaging brings troubles and inconveniences.

The fabric is too thin to bear weight, the bag that is too large and has no compartments causes the bottles inside to bong against each other…

Biben comes up with customized business  to catering to your wine pakcaging needs.

Appropriate custom wine bags of high quality helps you make the work more efficient.

Welcome to inquiry and more than 500pcs can be received.

Wine bag style

Biben Custom Wine Bag

Wine bag is a type of reusable and eco-friendly bag, which is necessary packaging for dinner, party, festival, picnic and so on. As a reputed bag manufacturer, Biben specializes in a wide rang of custom wine bag, including cotton wine bag, jute wine bag, washable kraft paper wine bag, non woven wine bag, felt wine bag and velvet wine bag. Pls feel free to let us know your requirements, we will customize a bag just for you.

Your Custom Wine Bag Type Reference

Your Custom Wine Bag Type Reference

Custom Wine Bag: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

  • What is custom wine bag?
  • Can your bag be customized with logo printing?
  • How to place a custom order?
  • How to compare custom wine bag made of different materials?

Whether you are looking for high quality wine bag or want to learn more about custom wine bag, you can find all the answers in this guide-keep reading.

What is Custom Wine Bag?

Custom wine bag is a recycle bag packaging bottles or wine and manufactured in the basis of your requirements. Everything about custom wine bag is determined by you. Custom wine bag manufacturers use the style you want and the material you select to make bag, printing the logo you design on it.

What is Your Bag Made of?

There are various material to make wine bags, like jute, PVC, non woven, velvet, tyvek, washable kraft paper. Then, you will see a comparison of different materials.


Plant fiber is the main raw material of paper. It is a renewable resource. The paper made into wine bag should be selected with a certain thickness to ensure that it can bear the weight of bottles packaged. Custom wine bag made of regular paper is recycle, but it is not waterproof. It will rot after soaking in water. So it may be not suitable for stormy days.

Washable Kraft Paper

The greatest strength of washable kraft paper as a special kind of paper is washable. Unlike wine paper bag, custom wine bag made of washable kraft paper has a certain water resistance in dry environment but it still can be used after drying. Its service life is longer than regular paper.


The kind of material is transparent and water resistant. You can find a touch of more smooth on the its surface. Wine bags customized by PVC are more fashionable than those customized by other materials.


Tyvek is the most expensive among these materials. With waterproof and washable characteristics like washable kraft paper, tyvek bag also is proud of untearable.


The pile or loop of velvet stands so closely that its fabric is firm. The color is elegant with shine, not easy to fade. It has a good resilience. Velvet wine bag with a specific visibility looks very classy.


Like paper, the raw material of jute also is plant fiber. Jute fiber is one of the cheapest natural fibers, second only to cotton in planting and using. Custom jute wine bag possess the characteristic of more plain and natural.

PP Woven

PP woven is poisonless and tasteless. The surface of PP woven bag is uneven, but it feels somewhat smooth owing to the added waterproof film lamination.


Canvas is firmer and more wear resistant than jute, but not as breathable. For canvas, there is a multi-choice such as 10oz,12oz. Selecting suitable canvas of the right ounce is depended on the weight of packaged wine.

Non Woven

Although non woven fabric is not as durable as kraft paper, not as soft as velvet, not as waterproof as PVC, and not as breathable as jute, it is very popular because of its relatively low price.


Felt mainly processed and bonded with wool is rich in elasticity. As manufacturing material of custom wine bag, felt plays a role of attemperator, which keeps the freshness of the wine to a certain extent. Additionally, it lessens some of the shock for bottles.


Extremely high air permeability is the most significant feature of mesh cloth, which is also a great characteristic that distinguishes it from other fabrics. In order to adding the firmness, mesh is paired with polyester or other material to make wine bags.


As one of common materials making storing and packaging bag, oxford features waterproof and durable. Custom wine bag manufacturers prefer making wine packaging cooler bag with good hygroscopicity covering oxford material.

Different material wine bags

By knowing the characteristics of each material, you can more accurately select the material that meets your packaging requirements.

What Color can Your Bag been Customized?

Enjoying the selection process. There is a various options of each material. Here you will see some of them we show at random.

Non woven color

canvas color jute color pp woven color

What Size can Your Bag been Customized?

The customization lets you have a chance to choose the size of wine bag. We do not have a regular specification, you need to tell us the specific dimensional data you want as the basis for our bag-making.


Can Your Bag been Customized with Logo Printing?

Yes, you can print your logo on your custom wine bag. There is a variety of printing technologies.


Pls send your logo file to us, PDF or AI, PSD either is ok. Just need high resolution file. We provide a most economical printing solution with optimum printing effect in accordance to your printing content, bag material and order quantity.

Can Your Bag been Customized with Thermal Insulation Layer?

Yes, you can add a thermal insulation layer inside your custom wine bag. This design allows you to enjoy a cold or hot drink outdoors in different seasons. As for red wine that is particularly sensitive to temperature, wine cooler bag is a miraculous thing on hand preferred by wine lovers. Effectively reduce the effect of temperature changes on red wine.


Can Your Bag been Customized with Compartments?

Yes, we can design some compartments for you to hold the bottles in place so that they do not bump into each other. Partitions with a certain height prevent the liquid in the bottles from leaking due to the excessive tilt of the bottles.


What else can Your Bag Customized with?

In addition to the above, your bag can be customized with some accessories, such as snap fastener,bamboo handle, natural cane handle, PU leather handle, zipper, magic tape, drawstring and window. It depends on what you need. Whatever matching up with,we surly cater to meet your need.


How to Place a Custom Order?

Whenever you place an order, pls refer to the process as below,

  • Inquiry
  • Custom requirement
  • Quote
  • Deposit payment
  • Pre-production confirmation
  • Manufacture starting
  • Shipment
  • Delivery

custom order process

Why to Choose Biben as Your Manufacturer?

As a conscientious manufacturer with a sense of responsibility, Biben chooses high quality materials to make bags. They are all environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless to the user. So all our bags made of these materials have a guarantee of heath and safety.


Being an experienced bag manufacturer, Biben is well known as professional with advanced equipment and mature technologies. In this era of seeking individuation, we have developed custom business of bags, aiming at making unique bags for you; In this era when quality is everything, we pay attention to details and adhere to the pursuit of perfection, just to give you a bag that satisfy you. We will offer a best solution for you as long as you tell us your requirements.

competitive advantages

Various competitive advantages enable us to win everyone’s love, with a high customer satisfaction. Satisfied with our premium bags, some customers even purchase several times. Not only wine bags, Biben accumulating a wealth of experience has successfully developed with more and more exquisite styles like drawstring bags, shopping bags, promotion bags, zipper bags, laundry bags, jewelry bags, cosmetic bags, gift pouches, backpacks. With us by your side, you have the right bag for each particular situation.


Come and contact us soon, please.

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