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From the begining, plastic shopping bags are consumables in daily life, a large amount of plastic shopping bags are been using every year. While providing convenience to consumers, plastic shopping bags have also caused serious waste of resources and environmental pollution due to excessive use and inadequate recycling, that’s the main cause of “white pollution”.

So More and more countries have forbidden the production of the plastic shopping bag and promote use of eco friendly shopping bags. The material of eco bag can be degraded naturally, and the time of being degraded is not too long. At the same time, it can be reused many times.

eco non woven bag

Cheap price non woven eco tote bag, customized design and printing is welcome.

Eco RPET Shopping Bag

Eco RPET laminated shopping bag, black color, full printing, one pair short handle & one pair long handle.

Nature Jute Tote Bag

Nature color jute teo bag, same color handle combined with customized logo printing on front.

Large Capacity Carry Bag

Large capacity PP woven carry bag with two pair handle. Embroidered logo on handle. Same style as Ikea bag.

Recycled PET Fabric Polyester Bag

Recycled PET fabric polyester bag, full sublimation printing. Material comes from recycled plastic bottle.

Bamboo Fibre Tote Bag

Bamboo fibre tote bag, material comes from bamboo, eco friendly and reusable.

Brown Kraft Paper Tote Bag

Brown color kraft paper tote bag, inside laminated with non woven material, black PP handle with customized printing.

White Kraft Paper Tote Bag

Eco friendly white kraft paper tote bag, no lamination. Cotton handle & CMYK customer’s design printing.

Customized Cotton Drawstring Bag

Cotton drawstring bag, light weight, customized color and size

Biben: Your First-class Eco Bag Manufacturer in China

Protecting our environment is everyone’s business. Nowadays, Buying eco-friendly bags has become a subconscious choice.

 As a exprienced and mature eco friendly bag manufacturer, Biben can provide you not only with a wide selection of fabrics, but also with a variety of different styles.  From breathable mesh to untear tyvek, from tote bag to drawstring bag, from wine bag to cosmetic bag, even customized bag.

Customized low MOQ: 500pcs/per design.

Any custom is highly welcome.

Cotton Bag Style

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Biben Eco Friendly Bag

Under the advocacy of global environmental protection, eco friendly bags have become indispensable. Whether in shopping, packaging, or in the use of daily life, it has become ubiquitous. Then as one of professional eco friendly bag manufacturers, Biben makes kinds of eco friendly bags, inlcuding non woven shopping bags, polyester drawstring bags, cotton tote bag, oxford storage bags, canvas handbag, washable kraft paper bags, tyvek bags, mesh bags and paper bags.

Eco Friendly Bags

What is Eco Friendly Bag?

The full name of eco-friendly bag is ecological bag. It has two definitions, one referring to a reusable bag made of natural materials, and the other referring to a bag that does not leave any solid waste in the natural environment and is not harmful to the environment (or is less harmful to the environment than other materials) after it is damaged. In addition to ecological bag, you can also call this kind of bag recycle bag or environment-firendly bag.

Eco Friendly Bag

What are the Materials of Eco Friendly Bags?

Eco friendly bags are usually made of natural materials, degradable materials or materials that are relatively less harmful to the environment. Eco friendly bag manufacturers commonly use cotton, canvas, polyester, oxford, mesh cloth and jute fabric. As one of eco friendly bag manufacturers that keep pace with The Times, Biben also has the latest washable kraft paper and tyvek materials. Then you can find the characterics of these fabrics as below:

Non Woven

As the most common fabric of eco friedndly bag, non woven is breathable, flexible, light weight and non-irritating. It is moisture-proof and does not support burining. It is rich in color and low in price. The material can decompose naturally outdoors for 90 days, and has a service life of up to 5 years indoors. When burning, it is non-toxic, tasteless and without any leftover material, so as not to pollute the environment.


Cotton cloth is made of cotton yarns. It is a general term for all kinds of cotton textiles, including plain cloth, poplin, cambric, twill, khaki drill, gabardine, sateen, velveteen, corduroy and so on. Cotton cloth has good hygroscopicity and air permeability. But the disadvantages are easy to shrink, wrinkle and mold. It is resistant to alkali but not acid, getting bright colors but low color fastness.


Canvas is a thick fabric of cotton or linen, which got its name from its original use in sails. Canvas is usually divided into two categories, including cilicium and fine canvas. The biggest characteric is firm and durable. Its durability and firmness is much higher than non woven. Cilicium has a certain waterproof function. Meantime, the price of canvas also is higher. Compared with cotton cloth which shrinks in the wash, canvas retains its shape better.


Polyester is a popular material of eco friendly bag. It is also called Dacron. It is a PET fiber made by spinning and post-processing. It is an important variety of synthetic fiber and its price is relatively cheap among the big three synthetic materials. It has good elasticity, corrosion resistance and insulation fectures. For the thick cotton bag, polyester is not only less deformation, but also easy to wash and dry.


Oxford is a kind of fabric with various functions and wide uses. It originated in England and is a traditional combed cotton fabric named after the University of Oxford, which began around 1900. It has excellent drapability and water resistant peculiarity. The relatively commom oxford matericals are 210D, 420D and 600D. 600D oxford is thicker than 420D, the 420D is more durable than 210D. Accordingly, prices are getting lower and lower. Oxford cloth has a clear color dot effect.


The general term of PP is Polypropylene. It is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic and has high impact resistance, strong and tough mechanical properties. It is resistant to a variety of organic solvents, acid and alkali corrosion. However, PP has no resistance to solvents such as aromatic hydrocarbons (e.g., benzene), chlorinated hydrocarbons (carbon tetrachloride). Polypropylene fiber is light weight. It has excellent elasticity and almost no moisture absorption.


The raw fabrics of mesh cloth have nylon, dacron, spandex, etc. It can be divided into woven mesh and knitted mesh. According as its weaving and raw material, different finish mesh has different name. The common mesh cloths you can see are air mesh, bobbinet, rhombic mesh, etc. The two biggest features are breathable and light weight.


Jute cloth is made of jute plant fiber. It has strong moisture absorption performance and heat conduction feature. Biodegradable jute is widely used in decoration, packaging, handicraft and eco friendly bag production. The rough surface and stiff feel are its highlights.


The kind of fabric is often made of wool by bonding processing, sometimes of cow hair or fiber. The main features are elastic and heat retaining, can be used as shake proof protection, sealing, gasket and thermal insulation material. Due to its good adhesion, it is not easy to loose and can be cut into various shapes of parts. It also has good wear resistance and moisture retention.


Eco friendly bag manufacturers ofter use ivory board, white board, art paper, white kraft paper, natural kraft paper to make eco friendly paper bags. Different kinds of paper contain different features, for example natural kraft paper has high tensile, tearing, bursting and dynamic strength. Its toughness is good and color is usually brownish yellow. However ivory board is firm and thick, which has high stiffness and smoothness. Its price is higher than natural kraft paper. Because the cheap price, natural kraft paper is the most commonly used paper material by eco friendly bag manufacturers.

Washable Kraft Paper

Speaking of paper materials, washable kraft paper must be mentioned. Compared with white kraft paper and natural kraft paper, the tear resistance and the humidity resistance of washable kraft paper are stronger. It is available for dry cleaning, graphite washing and enzyme washing. It has better wear resistance and is more durable.


Tyvek combines the properties of paper, film and fabric material, including waterproof, light weight, strong, high tearing resistance, good puncture resistance, high reflectance, diffusion, UV resistance, unique texture and touch. In terms of environmental protection, Tyvek is mainly made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) polymer without plasticizers, and the production process does not add chemicals listed in the EU Directive such as RoHS, or “Substances of High Concern “(SVHC) listed in REACH. The products of complete combustion are carbon dioxide and water.

Eco Friendly Materials

What are the Styles of Eco Friendly Bags?

From the beginning of the restriction of plastic bags to the present in which people are actively pursuing a more low-carbon and environmentally friendly lifestyle, the demand for eco friendly bags has become larger and larger. Meantime, it has more and more styles, which are used in various fields. According the style or packaging, you can find the categories of eco friendly bags as below,

Shopping Bags

Eco friendy bags are primarily used to replace single-use and non-biodegradable plastic shopping bags. There is a wide selection of materials to make eco friendly shopping bags. Large capacity, foldable and handles are the standard equipped designs.

Eco Friendly Shopping Bag

Jewelry Bags

Jewelry bags is often made of velvet, polyester and other soft fabrics. It mainly has round, square, cylinder. The closure design usually uses drawstring or button. This bag can prevent the jewelry inside from dust and abrasion.

Eco Friendly Jewelry Bag

Cosmetic Bags

According to the material, the cosmetic bag is divided into tyvek cosmetic bag, cotton cosmetic bag, canvas cosmetic bag, oxford cosmetic bag and washable kraft paper cosmetic bag. The zipper design is the most common closure of cosmetic bags.

Eco Friendly Cosmetic Bag

Storege Bags

This sort of bag usually packages quite, clothes, pillow, blanket and so on. The transparent window design is a good match for the bag. When you do not need to use it, you can fold it. It takes up almost no space.

Eco Friendly Storage Bag

Insulated Bags

Insulated bag is a essential bag of takeaway industry, especially ice cream shop. Because of the low price, non wovon is the most common material of insulated bags. As uncommon new bags, washable kraft paper and tyvek insulated bag are more durable.

Eco Friendly Insulated Bag

Wine Bags

In addition to regular material including paper, non woven and velvet, Jute has become popular to manufacture wine bags. For display product, eco friendly manufacturers often receive requirement to make a window.

Eco Friendly Wine Bag

Laundry Bags

Laundry bags have high water permeability. The mesh cloth material can pair with zipper or drawstring. Depending on the clothes you want to package to wash, eco friendly manuifacturers can make different shape and size laundry bag.

Eco Friendly Laundry Bag

What are the Accessories Workships of Eco Friendly Bags?

As a mature eco friendly bag nanufacturer, Biben has a variety of amazing workships.

Accessories Workships

How to Print Your Logo on Eco Friendly Bags?

There are many printing technologies can be applied to eco friendly bags. Eco friendly bag manufacturers will use the appropriate printing thechnology to print your logo content in basis of logo effect and printing stock you want.


Silk Printing

Silk printing is a relatively traditional and widely used printing technology in eco friendly bags. It is cheap and suitable for large batch. It has bright color, long shelf life, fast delivery, etc.


Heat Transfer Printing

The kind of printing technoligy is used for many materials. Among them, fabrics with Loose texture such as mesh and jute are most commonly printed stock. The pattern printed on the bag is beautifu and richly coloured.


Digital Printing

Digital Printing can directly print computer files on the printed stock. It has fast printing speed and high printing quality characterics. Its price is higher than traditional printing technologies liking silk printing. It is suitable for CMYK printing.


Sublimation Printing

Besides of digital Printing, eco friendly bag manufacturers may advise use sublimation printing when you need full page and CMYK printing. The process of sublimation printing needs heating the pigment molecules into the medium. The printed pattern is vivid.



Three-dimensional sense is a major characteristic of embroidery technology. Because of uneven surface, the result of embroidery is bold. It is colorful and can add beauty and attraction. For eco friendly jewelry bags, embroidery technology is highly welcome.


Hot Stamping

Hot stamping can highlight the logo. Its process is based on the principle of thermal transfer. Anodized aluminum layer transfers to the substrate surface to form a special metal effect. Its color is not only gold, but also silver, laser silver, black, red, green and others.

Printing Technology

Why to Choose Biben as Your Eco Friendly Bag Manufacturer?

Having years of exprience, Biben is a professional and mature bag manufacturer. High quality production is the key of our success. We also support customization and low MOQ. Whatever style you want, we have it for you. Whether you are a retailer or a fashion brand, as long as your order is equal to or over 500 pieces, we are willing to do for you. All our bags are non-toxic and skin-friendly, so you can use them at ease.


What is the Order Process of Eco Friendly Bags?

As a customized eco friendly bag manufacturer, Biben can suppost free artwork and free pre-production to comfirm design for you. These two processes can make the design detail of bag become clear and avoid mistakes.

  • Inquiry
  • Artwork confirmed
  • Deposit paid
  • Pre-production confirmed
  • Mass production starting
  • Carton Paking
  • Shippment
  • Delivery

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