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Compared to paper toy and plastic toy EVA toy is safe and reusable. Thicker material, anti-scratch toy corner. Nonaborbent fabric prevents from breed of bacteria.

It is easier to be stamped or cut into any shape you need. color, size, accessory, DIY tool…As a professional manufacturer, Biben has offered any customized service according to your requirement.

500pcs is our low MOQ for customized order.




Kids Studying EVA Letters

Baby teaching tool, matching with magnet or glue

Kids DIY EVA Woven Basket

Equisite flower basket, handmade fashion tote bag

Custom Shape Kids EVA Toy Brick

DIY EVA pieces, customzied structure suitable for different scene

Customized Pattern Kids EVA Seal

Custom stamp brush, covenient painting assistant

Kids Self-adhesive DIY EVA Glasses

EVA toy with plastic frame, diamond decoration, fitting to DIY competi

Cartton kids watch, velcro belt, custom stamped pattern

Cute Handmade Sewn DIY EVA Bag

Retro fashion item, a highlight to match clothes

Customized Animal EVA Hat

Kids sunshading hat, cartoon design, EVA material

Round Embedded Kids EVA Clock

Children EVA math tool, learning number, improving intelligence

Biben: Your Great EVA Toy Supplier in China

You can choose a DIY EVA toy with suitable difficulty for your children depending on their age, IQ or finger dexterity, they will gain a sense of achievement when finishing it. It becomes not only a gift but also a decoration, which enhances kids sense of fulfillment.

In addition to the kind of toy, Biben also offers PP toy, paper toy, felt toy, linen toy, there are various of blank bag waiting for their colouring. Just fill the imagination and creativity.

OEM is available if your quantity is more than 500pcs per design.


Biben EVA Toy

Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer is an universal macromolecule polymer, of which molecular fomular is (C2H4)x(C4H6O2)y. According to the content of vinyl acetate, EVA has different usages including shoe, toy, film, hotmeltadhesive, emulsion. In order to protect environment and devote to the well-rounded development of children, Biben as a professional toy manufacturer has insisted to product safe puzzle EVA toy.


Why to Choose EVA as Toy Material?

EVA is appropriate for manufacturing toys with the following features,

Corrosion Resistance

Since it is resistant to kinds of chemical corrosion such as seawater, oil, acid, alkali, it services with longer time.

Eco and Safe

With a closed bubble hole structure, there is no water absorption, combined with antibacterial performance, it is easier to keep EVA toy in a dry and sanitary state. It is flammable and burning without excitant odour.

closed pore foaming

Different from hard plastic with sharp edges, there is no danger of scratch.


Good Machinability

Soft EVA foam can be processed by hot pressing, cutting, gluing, lamination and much more. Simple operation, higher prominent practicality.

EVA foam piece

Reusable DIY

Compared to solid finished plastic toy, EVA toy is made into simple design and easy to assemble by yourself. You can make various of personalized patterns with accessories we offer.

What Kinds of EVA Toy do We Provide?

Depending to the final process by you to finish the toy, EVA toy we provide can be divided into three types,

Self-adhesive EVA Toy

It has glue on the rear. Tear off the last layer and paste in into position.

self adhesive

Sewn EVA Toy

Test the dexterity of hand. It is a little more difficult than the former, but just go in through the hole.


Hand-assembled EVA Toy

The kind of toy contributes to exercising your three-dimensional space thinking. The finished toy can be stand, not additional support.


What Accessory will EVA Toy go with?

Apart from the basic EVA foam parts, we will offer other related accessories as below,


What are EVA Toy Used for?

Educational and excising significance help EVA toy stand out among all of toys. It trains children’s activity of the mind and action of the body, to learn knowledge and practise life skills for example, tying shoelaces, combing hair and learning numbers, phonetic alphabets, letters, words…There is an intangible impact on your children to contact more than peers.

Expect from kids, it influences the grown-ups including parents, teachers, it is suitable for collaboration, which promotes children to get to know you, quickly develop and enhance your feeling for each other.


Which EVA Toy is Best for You?

It is mainly available for kids under 14 years old, self-adhesive EVA toy is fitting to young kid like 4 to 6 years old. May be a try for younger baby, you need to tear adhesive protective film first for your children or students, for older than 6 years old, sewn EVA toy is great. More difficult one is hand-assembled EVA toy. All use should be done under adult supervision in case of ingestion or other incidents.

Toys are not just for kids, adults have the right to enjoy them. We welcome everyone who likes handicraft or needs to relieve pressure. It is a pleasant method to improve manual skills or relax yourself. Choose the EVA toy that fits your level. For beginner, believe in yourself, not to mention that we will provide how-to video or illustration.

What do You need to Know?

There is no fished EVA toy, we just offer an accessory kit including some material accessories and tools that will be used.


Why to Choose Biben as Your EVA Toy Manufacturer?

From a green hand to an expert, Biben has spent ten years building experience and gain skills. Now we already have advanced facility, mature technology and skilled staff with a strict quality production system. No negligence, no shoddy, only send your design for us, we will provide the perfect EVA toy.

All materials are safe, non-toxic, no arene, no sulfide, and do not stimulate the skin.


How to Order Online?

There is an order process for you reference,

  • Inquiry
  • Artwork confirmation
  • Quotation
  • Deposit payment
  • Pre-production confirmation
  • Mass production
  • Balance payment
  • Shipment
  • Delivery

order process

What Service do We Offer?

OEM and custom can be received. Just email us you requirement, we will give you the best solution.

Is There any MOQ for EVA Toys?

Yes, our MOQ of custom EVA toy is 500pcs per design.

What else do We Provide?

In addition to EVA toy, we also offer various of kids crafts made of other materials such paper toy, felt toy, pp toy, linen toy.

toy type

As a wheeler- deeler, Biben has accomplished production lines of multiple bags and all have achieved mass production, which includes folding polyester bags, untearable tyvek bags, transparent cosmetic bags, breathable mesh bags, sports gym bags, insulated lunch bags, trunk storage boxes, waterproof pp non woven bags, large capacity pp woven bags, eco velvet bags, reusable stationery bags, shockproof felt bags, durable file bags, shiny PVC bags, holographic paper bags , fancy jewelry pouches and much more. If you are interested in any item, welcome to contact us.

Bag Type

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