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Good  tools are essential things. A high quality gym bag conduces to do a good exercise. No matter you are a brand or retailer, only your customer base is related to fitness, our bags are suitable for you.

As a professional gym bag  manufacturer, Biben  has producted various gym bags for your choice. We offer customization and OEM service for you, Just tell us your requirements or send us your design.

Low MOQ 1000pcs/design

Large capacity Green Oxford Gym Bag

Silk pritning gym bag, waterproof oxford material, customized tyle

Multi-function Canvas Sport Gym Bag

Durable canvas gym bag, wear resistant, high quality standard

Customized Nylon Gym Bag

Nylon gym bag, customzied handle, easy to clean

Nylon Yoga Gym Bag

Fashional nylon gym bag, strong hanldes with printing, various colors

Foldable Cationic Fabric Gym Bag

Cationic fabric gym bag, zipper closure, handles and long strap

Top Class Black Oxford Gym Bag

High quality oxford gym bag, customized logo, classic black

Custom Design Oxford Gym Bag

Oxford gym bag, dry  and wet depart, waterproof

Heavy Duty Nylon Gym Bag

Smooth nylon gym bag, shoulder protector, thicker handles

Personalized Nylon Gym Bag

Retro gym bag, ultra-large capacity, sport chic

Biben: Your Reliable Gym Bag Supplier in China

From nylon gym bag, oxford gym bag to canvas gym bag, cationic fabric gym bag, all bags we offer are water resistant and scratch resistant. They all adopt dry and wet depart, and match up with multi-pocket. Ultra-large capacity copes with all neccessary items for sports.

Welcome to inquiry Biben if you have any demand or interest.

Only if you tell us product information we need to know, we will provide the best quotation.

Our low MOQ is 1000pcs per customized design.

gym bag style

Biben Gym Bag

With an ever-growing number of bag types, more and more people has begun to pursue bags for special use. Gym bag is specially formulated for physical fitness and exercise. It is the best for packaging all the things you need to go exercise including gym suits, gym shoes, simple toiletries.

Gym Bag: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Sports special bag? Capacity? Be or not folded? Carry it by handles or shoulders…

As a professional gym bag manufacturer, Biben explains all for you. After reading, we believe you know something about it. Let us get started.

What is Gym Bag?

Gym bag has become a standard equipment for bodybuilders. It brings great convenience to them for storing all things about sports. Gym bag likes a duffle bag due to its large volume and similar appearance. For catching the eye of more customers, brand designers are trying to add more functions to the gym bags and make more beautiful and distinctive look. As a leading gym bag manufacturer, Biben has worked hard for innovation in style and breakthrough in technology.

We look forward to cooperating with you and realize mutual benefit.

What is Gym Bag mainly Made of?

A lot of eco materials are suitable for manufacturing gym bags. It is adopted in the basis of you.


Nylon is the first synthetic fiber in the world and its full name is polyamide, or PA for short. Wear resistance as its most prominent advantage is higher than all other fibers, which is 10 times higher than cotton, 20 times higher than wool.



Oxford as one of commonly fabrics for gym bags is waterproof and durable. Gym bag manufacturers often use 210D, 420D, 600D oxford, the thicknesses of which increase in order. The right thickness fabric will meet your requirement of load bearing capacity without increasing cost.


Cationic fabric

Cationic fabric is a kind of polyester fabric, whose meridional fabric is the cationic silks and zonal fabric is the original dacron filament. Sometimes for achieving more better linen-like effect and double color effect, gym bag manufacturer blends both fabrics and prints them with different dyes.

Cationic fabric


Canvas is a thick cotton woven cloth or linen woven cloth. It divides into cilicium and fine canvas. It lasts long with solid and wear resistant. For canvas, manufacturers generally use plain weave organization, a small amount of twill weave organization. All its warps and weft yarns are made with multiple strands.


PE woven fabric

As a eco-friendly material, PE woven fabric features UV and low temperature resistance. It with a certain elasticity and good tensile strength is often used as waterproof packaging. The kind of fabric has a touch of smooth and is easy to clean.

PE woven fabric

What is the Characteristic of Gym Bag?

Gym bag is deeply loved by fitness enthusiasts for a variety of reasons including waterproof, anti-scratch, large capacity and man-carried type.

Large Capacity

Gym bag with high volume packs more items necessary for sports like albumen powder and cup that replenish energy for the exerciser in time. It help you improve the quality of life and have a better fitness experience. There is no problem for the high quality gym bag to bear the weight when it is full.

large capacity

Man-carried type

In order to providing you with a bag convenient to use and close to the actual life, gym bag manufacturer add handles or shoulder straps, sometimes in combination by which alternating each of the carry ways reduces the long-term and one-sided load for the shoulder or handle.


Classified storage

Designers use dry and wet depart inside the bag to separate dry and wet objects for storage. As for shoes, some gym bags are equipped with a special compartment to store so that your other objects do not be soiled. Pockets are sewn inside and outside the bag in order to store some gadgets and avoid loss easily and a lot of effort to find.

Classified storage


Waterproof fabrics enable gym bags to be used in more places like shower room, natatorium. It contributes to solving the problem of taking a bath after exercise. Furthermore, those are wear resistant and can be wiped.

waterproof and wear resistance

Can you Customize Gym Bag?

Yes, you can have gym bags exclusively customized for you just by telling gym bag manufacturer you choose your requirements consisting of printing, style, accessory.


Printing on bags is the most commonly received custom service for gym bag manufacturer. Sometimes monochrome, sometimes full color. Whatever the context you need, Biben as a excellent gym bag manufacturer can print it for you by various ways. If the effect of plane can not make you satisfied, embroidery with a strong stereo sense is also feasible.



There are various styles offered for your reference. Besides, you can send us your design for customization. Being a reliable gym bag manufacture, Biben will provide you with the best solution.

gym bag style


Simple packaging bag could no longer every satisfy sports buff’s requirement, some of them need gym bags with a better looking and more usages. There are many types of accessory to help do this.


Custom color and size is available by gym bag manufacturer only if you tell us the color code and specific data.

nylon-polyester color

oxofrd color

Cationic fabric color

Canvas Color

PE woven cloth color

What is MOQ of Custom Gym Bag?

It is acceptable for quantity to exceed 1000pcs per customized style.

What is Customized Order Process?

A detailed order process contributes to your understanding for our customization. Before mass production, we provide artwork and pre-production for your checking. It is helpful to confirm the details of bags. Full payment is not necessary at the outset, you can choose to put down a 30% deposit, but the balance should be paid before shipment.

  • Inquiry
  • Artwork confirmation
  • Quotation
  • Deposit payment
  • Pre-production sample confirmation
  • Mass manufacturing
  • Balance payment
  • Shipment
  • Delivery

Why to Choose Biben as Gym Bag Manufacturer?

As an experienced gym bag manufacturer, Biben has enough edge to stand out among the manufacturers.

Professional operation

There is nothing shoddy workmanship nor irresponsible workers. We all staff are pursuing perfection, not missing any detail. With rich experience, we has avoided successfully historic mistakes and responded quality to change. Efficient production ensures delivery on time.

gym bag detail

Diverse production lines

Since our creation, we has got upon with expending multi-strip product lines including cotton bags, tyvek bags, nylon bags, mesh bags, washable kraft paper bags, jute bags, velvet bags, canvas bags, PVC bags, felt bags and paper bags, which meets your various demands. Production arrangement is so flexible that your large order is completed on time whatever type you need.

Bag Type

Reliable quality

In a responsible manner to all guests, all fabric is selected by high standard that must be eco-friendly, safe and immediate contact skin. Quality supervision plays an important role throughout the whole manufacturing process.


We has manufactured kinds of our bags and boxes with high quality such as drawstring bags, cooler bags, cosmetic bags, shopping bags, storage boxes, jewelry bags only to fit your different usage requirements and make you have a great sense of experience. We has believed in our success because there has been a a large number of loyal customers having purchased repeatedly.


Pls feel free to contact us whatever you need. By customization, all is up for you.

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