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Due to biodegradable, good air permeability and strong moisture absorption, jute bag has begun to be sought after.

The sharp contrast between its numerous advantages and its plain appearance makes it have a certain place among the bags.

As a professional manufacturer of customized jute bag, Biben does tote bag, wine bag, gift bag and zipper bag, not just shopping bag.

Low MOQ 1000pcs/design.

Cute Jute Tote Bag

Jute shopping bag, customized bag color and CMYK logo design printing

Black Gold Stamping Jute Tote Bag

Custom jute shopping bag, gold/silver stamping logo, ribbon decoration

Uniquely Designed Jute Tote Bag

Retro shopping tote bag, customized appearance, zipper closure design

Multifunctional Jute Tote Bag

Biodegradable jute bag, high quality standard, multifunctional purposes

Stylish Jute Tote Bag

Natural jute bag, plain style, customized size and hanldle

Jute Cosmetic Packaging Zipper Bag

High quality jute zipper bag, special logo design, best choice for cosmetics

Colorful Jute Tote Bag with Button

Jute packaging tote bag in colors, custom button design, distinctly fashion and vintage feel

Jute Wine Promotion Drawstring Bag with Frosted Window

Jute drawstring bag, frosted/transparent window, suitable for your red wine promotion

Custom Jute Bottle Bag with Window

Multi-bottle packaging bag, eco-friendly jute material, see-through window

Biben: Your Good Jute Bag Supplier in China

Are you search for the right packaging bags for your goods? Jute bag is a hot selling bag because of its eco fiendly and a rustic beauty.

It made from natural jute plant fibre is non-toxic and can be biodegraded.

Its surface is rought, not smooth and yellowish.

Biben as an experienced manufacturer welcomes any style of jute bags only if the quantity of each style exceeds 1000 pieces.

Please send us your jute bag design.

jute bag style

Biben Jute Bag

Jute bag is an ideal storing and shipping bag for packaging agricultural produce like wheat, coffee bean, broomcorn, etc. Being an extensively experienced jute bag manufacturer, Biben offers not just drawstring bags but even tote bags, wine bags, zipper bags.

Different Jute Bag Type for Your Reference

Jute Bag Type

Jute Bag: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Entirely biodegradable, strong moisture absorption performance, high breathability…

If you are looking for a kind of bag as described above, look no further than Jute bag. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know it yet, it will be your first choice after reading this brochure. Here, Biben as a jute bag manufacturer well known for high quality products will let you know all about jute bags.

What is Jute bag?

Jute is a lignified soft fiber acquired from a plant called Jute which is a kind of bast fiber plant and widely cultivated south of the Yangtze River in China(originated in tropical Asia). Boasted of one of the cheapest natural fibers, the planting and range of usage of jute fiber is second only to cotton. The fiber ranges in color from white to brown and length from 1 to 4 meters. It features rapid rate of water absorption and dehydration. With high elasticity and low extensibility, jute bag manufacturer loves to use it for weaving sack, burlap, handiwork, etc.

Jute cloth


Whats the Advantage of Jute Bag?

Jute is an especial material which is woven by plant fibre. Under natural conditions, it can be decomposed and transformed into small molecule material by the action of biological life process. So jute bags are entirely biodegradable.

Jute is made into cloth without compactedness so that it has uneven appearance. But the stiff and rough tough closer to nature become the most significant characteristic. Owing to untight texture, jute bag is fit to package grain with good gas permeability.

Extremely strong moisture absorption performance is found due to the features of plant fiber. At the same time, high elasticity and low extensibility are also salient and indispensable advantages of jute bag.

the Advantage of Jute Bag

Can You Customize Jute Bag?

Yes, you can customize your own jute bag only if send your customized requirements to jute bag manufacturer. As a jute bag manufacturer which is praised for our superior products, Biben has come up with various style jute bags for your reference, including jute shopping bag, jute cosmetic bag, jute sling sack, jute wine bag, jute store box. Even if these styles can not meet your demands, there is a sure way of providing the bag you need. In addition of the style, we customize jute products to match up with your specific demand in terms of logo, size, accessory, lamination, handle.

Custom logo

The appearance of jute bag is different from smooth and flat PVC bags, paper bags, tyvek bags. It is so crude that jute bag manufacturer primarily adopts silk printing and heat transfer printing to achieve the logo effect need. By the help of advertisement printed on the bag, you brand will be known all over the world and get a tremendous growth.

custom logo

Custom size

Jute bag is made available in size according to your packaging demand. As a reliable jute bag expert, Biben makes standard dimension in the basis of item you need pack. If there is a requirement of different sizes for the same style bag, we also can bring forth a set of bag in various sizes.

custom size

Custom color

Jute bag is offered with various options to keep the color balance with your brand. As far as the color assortment of different parts, it can be customized as desired. Like the size, a set can also be done.

custom color

Custom accessory

For increasing attractiveness of these bags, jute bag manufacturer often adds some accessories to match their styles. For example, jute drawstring bag generally accompanies with metal ring to hold the round cut. A frosted or transparent window is sometimes designed for wine bag. A protection layer is laminated on the inside of the bag to prevent the surface from being punctured by the sharp object packaged in the bag. Besides the lamination, as a professional jute bag manufacturer, Biben also provides lining to protect the bag, as well as the item. In consideration of cost, we usually use polyester as the lining material. Of course, if you also have any other special option, please feel free to let us know. In addition, we deliver the handles in different choice of Bamboo handle, jute handle, pp handle and so on. The first handle can add a high-end art sense to jute bag. But its cost is higher.

custom accessory

Is There any MOQ for Customized Order?

Yes, our low MOQ is 500pcs per customized design. It means that the bag quantity of each color, size or logo printing needs more than 500 pieces although they are designed in the same style.

Why You Choose Biben as your Jute Bag Manufacturer?

As a leading exporter and manufacturer, Biben provides all kinds of bags to our large clientele all over the world. We feel extremely confident in our quality and service. If you are still searching for a reliable jute bag manufacturer, Biben is the first choice.

Extensive experience

Biben has never stopped working on manufacturing bag since our foundation. Over the years, we have extended the manufacturing range of various bag materials,from cotton bag, nylon bag, non woven bag to mesh bag, washable kraft paper bag, tyvek bag. We with rich experience make top-quality jute bag in styles to meet the purpose per customer. You can get the right kind of bag from Biben for various occasions.

Mature workmanship

Due to our long experience, Biben has become a professional jute bag manufacturer as our workmanship in aspects has been matured gradually. It is cinch to finish high-needs binding sewing. There are state-of-the-art facilities with various skilled craftsmen under one roof. All bags are made with utmost care to reach the level as desired.

mature workmanship

Finest quality product

Biben is widely recognized as a excellent jute bag manufacturer of amazing technologies integrated with a creative team. A strict quality control system is an essential precondition for providing kinds of high quality bags. We make great efforts towards the whole manufacturing process, and oversee the technical execution in all items. Whether it is the main fabric or small accessories, we emphasize their quality, not only eco-friendly, safe, but also durable, strong.


High guest satisfaction

We are highly preferred by our customers because of our high standard customizing manufacturing. Regardless of whatever material, style, color or size you need, the bags customized by Biben meets your requirements. High quality products make you trust us, buyback is easy to do.


Welcome to contact us for any bag.

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