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Whether you are a shopping bag seller or buyer, mesh clear tote bag is a great choice for you.

With the improvement of people’s environmental awareness around the world, it has become more and more popular. Economical and practical, durable and eco-friendly. It is also the favorite for seaside travellers.

Biben welcomes any size and printint content only if your bag quantity is more than 500pcs.


Customized Black Mesh Shopping Bag

Black mesh bag with white logo, shopping bag, light weight and easy to carry

Grey Mesh Shopping Bag

Grey shopping hand bag, one color logo, customized size accoding your packaging requirement

Mesh Beach Bag

Summer mesh bag, cool style, suitable for beach, lengthened hand strap fixed to the bag body, more firm and durable

Large Capacity Mesh Clear Tote Bag

Mesh shopping bag ith customized color, packaging vegetable and fruit

Clear Mesh Shopping Tote Bag with PU Leather

Nylon mesh bag with PU leather, the favorite of fashion lovers

Pink Nylon Mesh Clear Tote Bag

Inside visible mesh bag, PP handles, good air permeability

Large Capacity Mesh Woman Tote Bag

Mesh beach tote bag, splicing style, durable oxford bottom

Mesh Shopping Handbag

Vertical mesh bag, reusable, suitable for shoes packaging

Large Capacity Mesh Shopping Bag

Customized logo mesh bag, nylon mesh material, breathable

Biben: Your Excellent Mesh Clear Tote Bag Manufacturer in China

Are you still struggling to find a good mesh clear tote bag supplier? Biben is best for you.

We are committed to manufacture high quality mesh clear tote bags. You can send me your design and we will make mesh clear tote bags  to your satisfaction.

We process all details of bag to perfection. As long as you order from us, you can rest assured.

Welcome to Biben and customize your mesh clear tote bag.

Our low MOQ is 500pcs/design.

mesh clear tote bag sytle

Biben Mesh Clear Tote Bag 

Biben is a mainly manufacturing and selling mesh bag company. Our common types of mesh bag include mesh drawstring bag, mesh laundry bag, mesh zipper bag, mesh promotional bag, mesh clear tote bag, mesh packaging bag, mesh beach bag and mesh backpack. In addition to the above mentioned, we also produce some splicing bags with mesh fabric, for example cosmetic or pencil splicing bag with mesh and oxford cloth, drawstring or shoulders backpack with mesh and polyester.

mesh bags

What is Mesh Clear Tote Bag?

Before getting to the bag, pls allow us introduce what is mesh cloth. Mesh is a fabric with holes which are arranged evenly and distribution orderly. It can be divided into woven mesh and knitted mesh. The former has white woven or yarn-dyed woven with good air permeability. The latter includes Weft knitted mesh cloth and warp knitted mesh cloth. Mesh cloth is wide used for clothes, shoe, toy, bag and others industries.


Most Mesh clear tote bags adopt nylon mesh cloth, they are eco-friendly and durable. The kind of bag are suitable for shopping bag as well as travel bag in which it especially fits to beach, seaside and other holiday areas. As an experienced manufacturer, Biben has produced kinds of types mesh clear tote bags.

mesh clear tote bag

We has offered customized business, if you have a demand for other type, pls feel free to contact us.

What are the Advantages of Mesh Clear Tote Bag?

Mesh clear tote bag has been loved by customers around the world with elastic, breathable and light weight. It is so strong that can be used again and again.

Large Capacity

Since the mesh cloth features a good flexibility, mesh clear tote bag holds more than it seems. It can be folded up and stretched, rather than rigid.

large capacity

Good Air & Water Permeability

The air holes on the mesh cloth make mesh clear tote bag to have a good air and water permeability. Hollowed-out mesh holes contribute to dry quickly any remaining water droplets on items inside like flip-flops, sandals, swimwear, which will prevent them from mildew and stink.

Good Air Permeability


When using the mesh clear tote bag, you can see what was put into the bag from the outside. The visibility is different according to the shape and size of the mesh hole.


Light Weight

Mesh clear tote bag is characteristic with light weight so that it is sought after by shopper and outdoorsy type. On the beach in summer, women carrying the bags can be seen everywhere.

light weight

Which Mesh Clear Tote Bag is Best for you?

More information we get to know from you will help us to make a further recommendation.

  • Bag type
  • Bag size
  • Bag quantity
  • Your printing
  • Target Price
  • Purpose

How to Customized Your Logo on Mesh Clear tote Bag?

In printing, heat transfer logo printing is the most popular method. The logo printed by heat transfer is beautiful, vivid and richly coloured. Being a professional manufacturer, Biben will use the most suitable printing machine and printing technology meet the effect you want for your mesh clear tote bag.

MESH logo

Which Color can you Choose for Mesh Clear Tote Bag?

Mesh comes in a variety of colors. We offer some of the most common colors for you to choose from.

Nylon mesh color

Is there any MOQ for Mesh Clear Tote Bag?

Our low MOQ of mesh clear tote bag is 500pcs. As long as your quantity is a multiple of 500, pls feel free to inquiry.

What is the Order Process of Mesh Clear Tote Bag?

For placing an order of mesh clear tote bag, it can be roughly divided into the following six steps:

  • Inquiry
  • Artwork confirmation
  • Pre-production sample confirmation
  • Mass production starting
  • Shipment confirmation
  • Receiptconfirmation


custom orderHow about Sample and Sample Cost?

If you want checking the quality, size, printing and other details before mass production or ordering, we can send a sample for you.

Stock Sample

Most of our stock samples are free, but you need to pay the sample shipping cost. If you have a collect courier account like Fedex or DHL, just tell us.

Custom Sample

If you want a customized sample with your printing or according to your design that is different from stock, you need to pay the customized fee. It is more higher than stock sample. If you need it before a big order, the sample charge must be paid. But we will refund it when you place the order.

Pre-production Sample

If the order is placed first and the deposit has been paid, there is no sample cost. We will make the pre-production sample for free.


How about Deposit?

Generally, the deposit is 30% of the total amount of your order.


Why do You Choose Biben as Your Mesh Clear Tote Bag Manufacturer?

Biben has its own comparative advantages among many mesh clear tote bag manufacturers.


As a mesh clear tote bag manufacturer with ten years of experience, Biben has a lot of amazing and professional technologies. We are particularly outstanding in the sewing technology.



Innovation determines development. Biben is hungry to advance. Every time we finish a customer’s customized bag, we can make a little progress.


Quality has played a decisive role in making Biben a place among many bag manufacturers over the years. In the whole production process, we always strictly carry out quality control. We are always striving for excellence in our finished bags to ensure that every customer can receive the bags that satisfy them.



All fabrics of mesh bag are safe and reliable, which are non-toxic and can contact the skin directly. As an eco-friendly bag, mesh clear tote bag is used again and again. After being abandoned, it will not cause any harmful effects on the environment. Being a user, you do not worry.

Safe and eco assurance


In addition to mesh bags, we has provided abundant eco bags and boxes including afforable non woven bag, washable kraft paper bag, waterproof oxford bag, wearproof canvas bag, cheap cotton bag, high-class jewelry bag, luxury velvet bag, beautiful cosmetic bag, convenient wine bag, foldable nylon bag, holographic PVC bag, reusable PP woven bag, untearable tyvek bag, insulated cooler bag, shockproof felt bag, collapsible storage box, high quality garment bag, natural jute bag, large capacity gym bag. In order to make your life easier, we also customize a variety of custom aprons.

Bag Type

If you are interested in any product, pls feel free to contact us.

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