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As a neoprene can cooler manufacturer, Biben pride ourselves on high quality of our products. From neat stiches to clear printing, all details are perfect. Advantage facility and skillful workers provide a solid safeguard.

Our MOQ from 2000pcs. The more you buy, the cheaper they are. Believe by Biben, you will get the best.

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Various Outdoor Cooler Neoprene Sport Bottle Protective Sleeve Holder with Zippered Coin Bag

Superior water bottle protector, gradient color, matching zipper bag

Large Capacity Half-dozen Bottle Neoprene Cooler Carrying Tote Bag with Bottle Opener Pocket

Maultiple bottles carrier bag, divided compartments, crash proof

High Custom Vivid Graphic Design Neoprene Stubby Cooler with Stiff Bottom

High quality various can cooler, custom printing, glued shark skin base

Custom CMYK Printing Jersey Neoprene Beer Cooler

Colorful  bottle cooler, pullover t-shirt type, keeping cold

Superior Quality Protable Double-bottle Neoprene Soda Wine Cooler Promotion Bag

Champagne cooler holder, custom logo inside and outside, easy to carry

Great Party Time Swimming Pool Gathering Neoprene Floating Cold Cola Beer Cooler

Pool neoprene stubby cooler with string, close to you

Unique Penguin Design Neoprene Aerated Watter Squash Bottle Cooler Holder

Cute animal can cooler, customized design, buttom closure

Retro Colorful Printing Wide Bottom Neoprene Bottle Cooler Holder with Removed Single Shoulder Strap

Large capacity bottle insulated holder, external pocket, single shoulder strap

Super Capacity Multiple Bottles Neoprene Drink Bottle Can Cooler Tote Bag

Strong bearing bottle cooler, half-dozen 750ml packaing, portable type

Biben: Your Best Neoprene Can Cooler Manufacturer in China

Custom stubby cooler do well in promotion, particularly for restaurant & beverage industry. As free gifts, they printed not only increase sales quickly but also generate publicity widely.

If you need one but no way to begin, no hesitationto contact us. Here custom experts waiting for serving you.

Low MOQ from 2000pcs

Neoprene Can Cooler Types

Biben Neoprene Can Cooler

In order to improve the quantity of life, various types of cooler bags have appeared and served more people around the world. From thermal non woven bag, thermal oxford bag, thermal jute bag, thermal tyvek bag, thermal polyester bag to neoprene can cooler. Biben as a professional neoprene can cooler manufacturer have specialized in kinds of insulators to meet different customer’s need, including but not limited as below,

Various Neoprene Can Cooler Types for Your Reference

Neoprene Can Cooler Types

Neopren Can Cooler: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is neoprene?

What is hte function of neoprene can cooler?

Can you customize neoprene can cooler?

Having developed of years, Biben is competent to lead customers to understand neoprene stubby holder. After read the guide, believe you will have no question.

What is the Material of Neoprene Can Cooler?

Let us start with neoprene. The closed-cell foam inside consists of minute bubble of nitrogen gas which makes neoprene have a low thermal conductivity. It is the biggest reason stubby holder manufacturer choose it to make can cooler. It is covered with fabric on two sides to add friction and beauty. Every user is conquered easily by its perfect insulation and human soft hand feel.

Neoprene Composite Material Introduction

What is the Origin of Neoprene Can Cooler?

Neoprene became popular just as wetsuit material initially. Until the mid 1950’s, a crude can cooler was created by an Australia suffer who cut a section from the arm of a worn wetsuit then placed a bear can into it. Later, some neoprene can cooler manufacturers began to emerge in Australia and aboard.

What is the Function of Neoprene Can Cooler?

The greatest characteristic of neoprene can cooler is staying warm. Hot or cold weather makes the most out of it. Generally, the moderate temperature is maintained over 6 hours. When the temperature of cold beer rose, the can body is covered with moisture. With neoprene cooler holder, it avoids slipping out of hand. Thick neoprene material not only reduces the shock but also prevent the content inside from scratch. You benefit from holding hot drink with it as well.

Neoprene Can Cooler Feature

What is Neoprene Can Cooler Used for?

The goal of stubby cooler manufacturer is to help customers keep their products cold or warm, like beer, red wine, cola, soda, coffee, tea, milk, cocktail, champagne. Neoprene cooler is suitable for various events, for example

  • Promotion
  • Sport
  • Festival
  • Graduation
  • Camping
  • Webbing
  • Housewarming
  • BBQ
  • Party
  • Travel
  • Vehicle

Neoprene Can Cooler Usage

Can You Customize Neoprene Can Cooler in Biben?

Yes, customization makes Biben stand out all stubby holder manufacturers. If you don’t know how to start , it is best to have a look at us.

Custom thickness

Being an experienced neoprene can cooler manufacturer, we has discovered 3mm neoprene can bear the general load of multiple cans at the lowest cost. If you want other thicknesses such as 3.5mm, 5mm, 8mm, it is available too.

Custom external material

For neoprene composite material, here are many options for external fabric like nylon, polyester, jersey or Iycra.

External fabric

Custom color

Coved with fabric, the kind of composite material is invested with bright color.

Custom Color

Custom printing

By external fabric, advertising printed on cooler can be done as well. Simple words or shape is low cost. Woven logo label available. Of course, a beautiful full printing grabs attention better if your budget is adequate. High resolution logo file PDF, AI or PSD is useful.

Custom logo

Custom stitching

We have completed more products by sewing than gluing or heating mauser tape. In addition to the most common flat stitching, we have work out zig zag stitching, overlock stitching, binding sewing.

Custom Stitching

Custom bottom

Multiple bottom for your selection, such as full sealed, hollowed, or with a tiny hole. Any shape based on your mind. Compared to soft neoprene bottom, a adhere shark skin bottom is too stiff to be foldable.

Custom Bottom

Custom handle

With handles, neoprene can stubby cooler works best when you need to carry several bottles at meantime. It is feasible to free handles by a shoulder strap. Enjoy your go outing to the full.

Custom Handle

Custom capacity

Most of our products service for single bottle or can. But if you need to package multiple bottles, we also can meet.

Custom Capacity

Custom size

No matter how many bottles you require, pls kindly send us the bag dimension need including specific diameter and height, we will make the best neoprene can cooler according to your data. If no ideal, you can refer to many standard models on our website which are the useful size most stubby holder manufacturers have. Common bottle size are 330ml, 375ml, 440ml, 650ml, 750ml, 1.25l, 1.5l, but it is best to let us know exact size data rather than your product capacity.

Custom style

Likewise, we accept style customization. Biben is a leading neoprene can cooler manufacturer never satisfied with common styles. All there years we have developed some unusual types like bikini, jersey, wraparound, fishing reel, drawstring. It is a result of unceasingly breaking ourselves and perfecting ourselves. So sincerely welcome your inquiry.

Custom other accessories

Come with accessory and cooler is a good way to maximize the charming of your design. We have support for bottom board, button closure, cord lock, buckle, velcro closure, carabiner, zipper puller, plastic clip, suction bottom and so on. Pls feel free to tell us your demand.

Custom Accessories

How Many Bag Pieces for Your Custom trial Order?

For our first deal, you can start from 2000pcs per design. Considered as an farsighted stubby cooler manufacturer, Biben thinks every startup should be cherished. Therefore, we offer a low MOQ.

Why to Choose Biben as Your Neoprene Can Cooler Manufacturer?

To remain invincible among neoprene can cooler manufacturers, Biben has insisted on supplying high quality products. For material, we only choose safe ones without toxic.


Before shipping, each detail is inspected by quality control experts.

Product Detail

Biben has been regarded as a reliable stubby cooler manufacturer, since our customers not only have witnessed superb customization technologies but also have got convenient services from all ways.

Free artwork and pre-production sample

Only send us logo file, we will provide artwork for free. It is the important step to check product ideal effect with your logo. Further, you can receive a gratis custom sample for double checking when order placed.

30% deposit available

It is allowed to pay a 30% down payment if you are on financial strain.

Timely shipment and delivery

As a responsible neoprene can cooler manufacturer, we inform customer with production time at every offer. The cargo is delivered on time even in advance by forwarder we have cooperated with over years. The most affordable and fast shipping way is our default choice.

From our csutomers, here is a high satisfaction.


What else Bag can You Find in Biben?

Not submit to just be a stubby holder manufacturer, Biben makes close cooperation with jewelry brand, outdoor brand, cosmetic brand, clothes brand and others. Ar present,we have at lest 10 lines of main products.

If the projects is too big to find your bag, might as well see the categories in much more detail, such as reusable shopping bag, eco bag, reusable grocery bag, mesh clear tote bag, mesh sack, tyvek zipper bag, tyvek packaging bag, tyvek tote bag, clear pvc bag, pvc cosmetic bag, cotton drawstring bag, velvet pouch, jewelry pouch, storage box, gym bag, wine bag, felt bag, paper bag, custom apron, EVA toy, kids craft.


Of course, the most quickly way is to directly send us your usage and requirement, we will commend the prefect item for you.

Hurry to inquiry if there are any item you’re interested in.

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