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Environmentally friendly materials continue to be born, non-woven fabric has been popular. Low cost and light weight are the main reasons why it cannot be replaced.

If you are still looking for a professional manufacturer for non-woven bags, Biben is second to none. We are surprisingly tech-savvy and provided with advanted facilities.

Whatever any style , Biben can customize for you.

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Gold Stamping Non Woven Bag

Fashional non woven shopping bag, cusstomzied size and color

non woven bag new

Children toy promotion bag, silk printing, hot pressing

Eco Non Woven Wine Bag

Strong bottom non woven bag, customized compartment

Die Cut Non Woven Bag with Plastic Handle

Customized non woven tote bag, die cut handle,  light weight

Customized Non Woven Drawstring Travel Bag

Non woven dustproof bag, flexible drawstring, brand printing

Customized pp non woven shopping bag

Non woven bag with foil lamination, high quality standard, large capacity

Customized non woven shopping bag

Plaid non woven bag with hot pressing, fit to clothing shop

Non Woven Drawstgring Tote Bag

Biodegradable drawstring, non woven material with handle design

Custom PP Non Woven Cooler Bag

Colorful non woven zipper bag, heat insulated function, customized logo

Biben: Your Good Non Woven Bag Supplier in China

How to reduce your budget, Biben can help you.

As an experienced expert, Biben offers non woven bags under all types, from shopping bags, drawstring bags, zipper bags to takeaway bags, cooler bags, dust bags.

Through printing ad on these csutomized bags, you can effectively reduce the packaging and promotion costs.

Just send us your requirement. Low MOQ 1000pcs per design.

Non Woven Bag Style

Biben Non Woven Bag

Internationally recognized as an environmental protection product to protect the earth ecology, non woven bag is used for various several fields such as packaging, decoration. In order to meet their sundry purposes, the changeful pursuit of style is necessary for all non woven bag manufacturers. Therefore, Biben which is a excellent non woven manufacturer known for keeping exploring brings forth a number of product series, including shopping bag, promotion bag, boutique bag, ad bag.

Different Non Woven Bag Type for Your Reference

Non Woven Bag Type

Non Woven Bag: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Do you are looking for low cost packaging bag for your goods? Non woven bag is great for you.

Customizing a non woven bag with your brand printing packaging your product can not only sharply reduce your advertising costs, but also perfect and optimize your production and marketing system.

Under a limited and low budget, you will not regret choosing a eco non woven bag.

What is Non Woven Bag?

Non woven fabric made up of directional or random fibers is described as a cloth because of its appearance and certain properties. It is a kind of fabric that does not need to be spun. It is just a directional or random arrangement of short fibers or filaments to form a fiber net structure, and then reinforced by mechanical, thermal bonding or chemical methods. Non woven without warp and weft threads is cut and sewed conveniently, and easy to shape.

Non woven material

What is the Characteristic of Non Woven Bag?

Whatever non woven bag manufacturer or the users, they are deeply affected by its advantages. As a eco-friendly bag with a long history, non woven bag is characterised by the following features,

Light Weight

As the main productive material of non woven, polypropylene resin accounts for 90%. The weight of non woven is only three-fifths as much as cotton.

Moderate Softness

Non woven fabrics are made up of fibers (2-3D) and formed by thermal bonding. The finished non woven bag has a touch of comfort.

Easily Degradable

Different from polyethylene made into plastic bags, the chemical structure of polypropylene is not unstable and the molecular chain is easily broken. So it can be effectively degraded and into the next stage of the environmental cycle in a non-toxic form. Then, a non woven bag can be completely decomposed in 90 days. 

Nonsupport of Burning

Non-woven fabrics are made of chemical fibers and plant fibers on wet or dry paper machine with water or air as suspension medium. It is water-repellent and not support burning.

Bargain Price

By contrast, non woven is cheaper than others cloth material. If you need a large batch of promotion bags, it is the best choice.

light weight

In addition, non woven bag manufacturer is fond of the other advantages of non woven fabric like breathable, flexible, non-toxic, non-irritating and colorful.

Can you Customize Non Woven Bag?

Yes, you can customized any non woven bag need, just tell the manufacturer your specific requirements in every way. There are some common custom items like printing, size, color.



You can provide non woven bag manufacturer with your logo file in PDF, AI or PSD format by email.


Pls send the specific data including length, width and height.


For color, pls tell the Pantone color code or the number marked in the pic sent to you.

Can you add function of Non Woven Bag?

Non woven bag is popular in the take-out food industry, which often is equipped with the function of keeping warm, cold and fresh. To achieve it, non woven bag manufacturer adds a heat insulated layer consisting of pearl cotton and aluminium film inside the bag.

heat insulated layer

If need water resistant function, a transparent foil can be laminated on the external surface of the bag by non woven bag manufacturer.

lamination non woven

Is there any MOQ for Customized Order?

Yes, for ordinary non woven bag, the low MOQ of customized order is 1000pcs/ design. As for pp non woven bag, the low MOQ is 3000pcs/ design.

Why You Choose Biben as Your Non Woven Bag Manufacturer?

Being a mature bag manufacturer, Biben has launched a variety of eco-friendly bags, our production lines covers tyvek bags, washable kraft bags, paper bags, felt bags, mesh bags, cotton bags, canvas bags, velvet bags, nylon bags, oxford bags.These products appeal to numerous customers for us, and our professionalism and responsibility bring us the recognition of wider society.


After founded, Biben has been boning up on improving technology. With a years of experience, Biben has successfully developed with sewing, hot pressing, die cut and printing workmanship, ect.



In order to offering high quality bags, Biben supervises the whole manufacturing process to assure the high grade finish of each procedure. From the material to the the shipment, there is nothing here for you to worry about.



We striving for perfect like to make sure our customers are satisfied. High-level service and product are the factors contributing to our success, which earns a huge client base over the world. A part of customers even buy more than once.


Warmly welcome to contact us in spite of any bag need.

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