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White pollution now is a very serious problem all over the world, more and more country started ” Plastic Bag Ban”.

As a result, reusable polyester nylon bag become people’s first choice. It is very light to take and easy folding as a pouch to carry.

As a professional nylon bag manufacturer, Biben provide customized size & customized design polyester nylon bag. One color printing or full CMYK printing is all available, just based on what you need.

Nylon Folding Bag

Nylon folding bag with small pouch, full CMYK printing.

polyester folding bag

Pure color Nylon tote bag, one color logo printing on bag & pouch. Small pouch easy for storage.

large size polyester bag

Large size polyester nylon tote bag, fancy CMYK design printing on bag.

polyester folding bag

Pure color foldable polyester nylon bag with small pouch inside.

polyester bag

Polyester nylon shopping bag with customized logo printing on bag & pouch.

polyester shopping bag

Full CMYK printing shopping bag with small pouch inside.

polyester bag

Full printing customized polyester nylon with with small pouch storage bag

T shirt shape polyester bag

T shirt shape, nylon tote bag with full size printing.

foldable polyester luggage bag

Foldable nylon luggage bag, full CMYK printing on bag.

Biben: Your Trusted Nylon Bag Manufacturer in China

If you are struggling with how to advertise your brand, Biben’s polyester shopping bag can help you.

We not only have rich experience but also mature technology and advanced equipment. As long as you send us your design, we can make your own shopping bag for you. Your brand and slogan will be printed on your bag.

How widely the bag is used, how widely your brand is promoted.

Biben Nylon Bag

We are a manufacturer and seller for all kinds of bags. We mainly manufacture and sell nylon bags, tyvek bags, washable kraft paper bags, oxford bags, cotton bags, jean bags, PVC bags, mesh bags, canvas bags and so on. Persistence, innovation, quality first, making perfection more perfect are the cores of Biben’s corporate culture. We aim to meet all custom requirements of our customers.

polyester bag manufacturers


What is Bibens Corporate Development?

Biben has been open for 10 years and is rooted in the bag manufacturing industry. We are specialized in manufacturing and selling sewing bags and have a wealth of experience. Especially in polyester bags, we have a loyal group of old customers. Then our high customer satisfaction makes us stand out among many polyester bag manufacturers.

What is Bibens Advantage?


Biben has a mature business philosophy and exquisite technology. Every time the customer’s pursuit of perfection in bags allows us to keep improving on the operation; every perfect solution to customer requirements is a sign that we have become more experienced. After providing countless solutions to customers, we become able to deal leisurely with every task given by customers.


Details determine quality. As a successful polyester bag manufacturer, Biben has been focusing on the processing of details, to achieve our pursuit of quality. For the bag printing and manufacturing, we mainly concentrate on the following details: the flatness of the stitch, the smoothness of the zipper, the quality of the material, the effect of logo printing, the reinforcement of the joint, the existence of the excessive thread ends, etc.

polyester bag manufacturers

What Technology does Biben have?

Biben having been developing for ten years has many amazing techniques for bag manufacturing and printing.

Printing technology

As a professional nylon bag manufacturers, we use different printing method based on your design, lik silk printing, digital printing, sublimation printing and so on.

Silk printing has the advantages of large batch, cheap price, bright color, long shelf life, fast delivery, etc. It is widely used to print logo on the bag.

Digital printing is a new printing method that directly prints computer files on the fabric, which is different from traditional printing having a complicated process. Digital printing has fast printing speed and high printing quality advantages. It is simple, fast and flexible. Its cost is much more expensive than traditional printing technologies.

Sublimation printing technology is a process of heating the pigment molecules into the medium. Through the printing paper, we can transfer the pattern to the polyester cloth. The pattern printed on the fabric by sublimation printing is vivid in color and has distinct layers.

polyester bag manufacturers

Bag sewing technology

Quality is the top thing. In the bag splicing, the most common used technology is sewing. Where reinforcement is needed, we will double seam, such as the joint between the handle and the bag, the ends of cloths sewed.

polyester bag manufacturers


What kind of nylon bags can Biben manufacture?

As one of the outstanding nylon bag manufacturers, Biben mainly manufactures nylon folding shopping bags, nylon gym bags, nylon drawstring bags, nylon storage bags, nylon travel bags, nylon backpacks and so on.

Nylon folding shopping bag

This kind of nylon bag can be folded into its front zipper pocket. They are light and waterproof. It has a large capacity.


nylon folding shopping bag

Nylon gym backpack

This bag is washable and easy to dry. It saves the sports fanatic a lot of time.

Nylon Polyester Gym Backpack

Nylon drawstring bag

Simply pull the rope at the opening to quickly close the bag. It can prevent the item of the bag from dust and water.

Nylon Polyester Drawstring Bag

Nylon travel bag

The nylon bag can be folded for traveling and carrying. Nylon travel bag is durable and can carry the big weight of luggage.

polyester bag manufacturers

Polyester nylon quilt storage bag

When not in use, it can be folded, occupying almost no space.

polyester nylon bag manufacturers

Polyester nylon zipper bag

Polyester nylon zipper bag can package makeup tool or cosmetic. It has a certain waterproof effect.

polyester nylon bag manufacturers

Polyester nylon spliced bag

Compared with a simple mesh bag, the bottom of the splicing bag is more solid; more breathable than a simple polyester nylon bag.

polyester nylon spliced bag

By the way, polyester nylon is regarded as a common lining material by bag manufacturers. Nylon lining can prevent the inside of the bag from being scratched by items in the bag.

polyester nylon lining

What Characteristic do Polyester Nylon Bags have?

Nylon is a PET fiber made by spinning and post-processing. It is also called Polyester. It is an important variety of synthetic fiber. Its price is relatively cheap among the big three synthetic materials which are polyester, polyamide and acrylic. It is loved by people. The major varieties of nylon include staple fiber, stretch yarn, textured yarn, decorative filament yarn, industrial filament yarn and various differentiated fibers. Bags made of polyester are strong and durable, good elasticity, not easy to deformation, corrosion resistance, insulation, easy to wash and dry, etc.


Nylon bags have a certain water resistant. In the case of a small amount of water, it prevents items of the bag from getting wet.

polyester bag manufacturers

Wrinkle resistance

Since nylon has high strength and elastic recovery ability, polyester bags are firm and durable, wrinkle-resistant and ironing free. They are reusable.

Polyester Bag Manufacturers

Quick-drying washable

Nylon bags are easy to dry after washing, and the wet strength almost does not decrease, no deformation. Because of these characteristics, the polyester gym bags are very popular.

Polyester Bag Manufacturers

Eco friendly

Nylon bag is a eco friendly bag. This kind of bag is reusable and does not pollute the environment.

Nylon Polyester Certificate

What is Bibens Custom business?

In addition to the regular spot bags, Biben provides custom bags for customer. We manufacture customized polyester bag on the basis of bag size and design provided by the customer. You can choose the polyester fabric as hard and soft as you want meet your material requirement for the custom bag. Biben, one of the professional nylon bag manufacturers, has a variety of printing machines to meet your printing needs. There is always a solution for your custom requirement. When you want to check the finish quality about customized bag before mass production starting, we can send a pre-production custom sample for you.

How to Place a Custom Order in Biben?

  • Inquiry
  • Artwork confirmation
  • Order placing
  • Custom sample making
  • Sample receipt and detail confirmation
  • Mass production starting
  • Packingconfirmation
  • Shipment confirmation
  • Delivery confirmation

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