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As a kind of economical and eco bag, paper bag is very suitable as promation bag. Your brand will be promoted quickly through the use of the bag and the advertising printing on it.

Being one of the best professional paper bag manufacturer, Biben produce various kinds of top quality paper promation bags to meet your customized demand.

Send us your design, we will suggest the best solution. Low MOQ 1000pcs with customized design.

Colorful Kraft Paper Shopping Bag

Kraft paper promotion packaging bag, twisted handle, customized color

Portable Flower Packaging Paper Bag

Flower packaging bag, paper material, large capacity, handled design

Gift Packaging Paper Bag

Gift packaging bag with paper material, die cut handle, clamshell style

Holographic Laser Jewelry Paper Bag

shiny paper bag, customized hologram, being fit to gift packaging

Customized Paper Shopping Bag

Plain paper shopping bag, China factoty wholesale, premium Quaity

Customized Logo Paper Shopping Bag

Brand paper bag, gold/silver stamping logo, large Capacity

Luxury Gold Blocking Paper Wine Bag

Wine packaging tote bag, customized shiny logo, strong bottom

Custom Paper Shopping Bag with Ribbon Hanlde

white paper shopping bag, customized logo on the ribbon handles

Festivals and Holidays Paper Bag with Butterfly Knot

Cute shopping tote bag, custom color and size with bow-tie

Your Best Promotion Shopping Bag Manufacturer in China

If you are seeking promotion bag for your fast-fashion, Biben is the wisest choice .

As one of the best bag manufacturer, Biben mainly produces  kinds of paper bag, from economica promotional bag to high-class gift bag . Only tell us the design, we will provide the best product.

No worry about the shipping no matter where you are, the DDU shipment we provide will take care of everything for you.

Low MOQ from 1000pcs



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Biben Paper Bag

With the extensive use of plastic bags, the shortage of oil resources on earth had been caused. Unlike the irreproducible petroleum resources, paper material is a recyclable resource. Because of its biodegradable and recyclable features, the bags with paper material is naturally labeled with green label. As a professional paper bag manufacturer, Biben makes a various of paper bags.

Your Paper Bag Type Reference

Your Paper Bag Type Reference

What is Paper Bag? 

The raw material of paper material is mainly plant fiber. In addition to cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin, there are other components with less content, such as resin and ash. Besides the above components, it consists of some auxiliary ingredients, for example sodium sulfate. Different fibers are added to make different paper materials.

What kinds of paper bags do you have?

According the different kinds of paper commonly used, paper bags can be classified as follows,

Ivory board paper bag

Ivory board is a kind of single – or multi-ply bonded paper made entirely from bleached chemical pulping and fully sized. The whiteness of ivory board paper is very high. The whiteness of grade A should not be less than 92%, grade B should not be less than 87%, and grade C should not be less than 82%. Paper bag manufacturer likes using this type of paper material to make the high-ending paper bag for jeweler. This paper bag is characterized by high smoothness, good stiffness, neat appearance and good evenness.

Ivory board bag

Kraft Paper Bag

Softwood kraft pulp is the raw material of kraft paper. Through beat, it is made into kraft paper on fourdrinier. Kraft paper is usually yellow-brown in color. After half bleached or full bleached, it can be divided into raw color kraft paper, red kraft paper, white kraft paper, smooth kraft paper, single-layer smooth kraft paper, double color kraft paper according to the color. Paper bags made of kraft paper are light weight and fit to clothes and shoe shops.

white kraft paper bag


White Kraft Paper Bag

At this point, let’s talk about white kraft paper in particular. It is double-sided white. The color can be divided into raw white and suiper white. In the printing aspect, the paper can be divided into printing white kraft paper and dyeing white kraft paper. This paper bag is usually made into a simple and light design by paper bag manufacturer for T-shirt stores.

White kraft paper bag

Art Paper Bag

Art paper is a coating processing paper. The base paper is generally made with bleached chemical wood pulp or with partially bleached chemical straw pulp on the paper machine. The white pigment and some other auxiliary raw materials spread evenly on the base paper on the coater. Finally, drying and super pressing. Art paper is generally thinner than ivory board, but some will be thicker than ivory board.

Art paper bag

Black Cardboard

The paper belongs to specialty paper. Commonly used thickness is 120 grams -350 grams. In contrast to the white card, it is black on both sides. Therefore, hot stamping is the best way to print logo on black cardboard paper bag. This paper bag is characterized by delicate paper, penetrating black, high folding resistance and breaking resistance.

Black cardboard

What is the Characteristics of Paper Bag?

There are many kinds of paper bags, but they have some characteristics in common for example eco-friendly, reusable,cheap and non-watertight.


Compared to plastic bag, paper bag is eco-friendly. The main raw material of paper material is determined that it is biodegradable. It is produced from tree and returned to nature.



Different from some bags made of fabric, paper bag is lighter, particularly the kraft paper bag. It works well with lightweight shirts, short sleeves and dresser. The match takes the pressure off the shopaholic who loves shopping on the street.


As a eco bag, paper bag is somewhat durable as long as it does not touch the water. Although the material looks thin,the bearing capacity of paper bag is strong.


Low cost

The price of paper bags is lower than most fabric bags liking polyester bag, oxford bag, cotton bag, canvas bag. Paper bag manufacturer always receive the order from the clothing industry to customize packaging bags with brand printing. For them, paper bags are not only low-cost, but also promote publicity. In additon, the restaurant industry also likes to use them for packaging takeaway food.

What Color of Paper Bag can you choose?

Whatever kind of paper bag you choose, be sure paper bags come in various colors. Just please tell the paper bag manufacturer your option.

kraft paper bag color reference

Ivory board paper bag color referrnce

Can you print logo on paper bag?

YES. Being a the most popular promotional bag in fashion industry, paper bags are always printed with brand. Paper bag manufacturer often get the work of customized logo and size from their customers. Through different printing workmanship, you can get different effect on paper bag.

Logo on paper bag

What is the MOQ for Customized Order?

Our low MOQ is 500pcs/design.

How do you Place an Order on Our Website?

As an experienced paper bag manufacturer, Biben provides the order process for your reference.

  • Inquiry
  • Quotation
  • Deposit payment
  • Pre-productionsample confirmation
  • Mass production start
  • Packing
  • Shipment
  • Delivery

Order process

What can Paper Bag be Used for?

Because of various advantages, paper bags are widely used in the following ways,

  • Clothes Packaging
  • Shoes Packaging
  • Takeaway Packaging
  • Gift Packaging
  • Jewelry Packaging
  • Flower Packaging
  • Wine Packaging
  • StationeryPackaging
  • MedicinePackaging
  • Perfume Packaging
  • Cosmetic Packaging
  • Fashion Accessories Packaging

Why do you choose Biben to Manufacture Your Paper Bag?

Of all paper bag manufacturers, Biben has years of experience. There is equipped with advanced facilities and mature technologies. In the whole process, we timely and effectively communicate with customers and forwarder, to ensure that customers can receive the high quality and satisfactory products within the agreed time. In addition to the paper bag mentioned above, we also make tyvek bag, washable kraft paper bag, cotton bag, canvas bag, mesh bag, jute bag, velvet bag, denim bag, PVC bag, polyester bag and so on. Customer-satisfaction with our product and service is high. Meantime, we has a high percentage of repeat clients. Many of our customers choose to buy back and highly recommend us to everyone in the appraisal.


Pls get a touch with us, Biben will be the best choice of you.


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