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Custom Reusable Shopping Bags

With the enhancement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, more and more plastic shopping bag been forbidden to use. Instead, reusable shopping bag become a main solution for supermarkets, small shops, e-commerce business and for for some retailers.

Show us your design, we will offer the most suitable custom reusable shopping bag for you. Customized style, customized design, customized color, customized packing.

cotton shopping bag

100% Cotton Shopping Bag, large capacity with customized printing.

Nylon Folding Bag

Full color CMYK printing polyester folding bag, small pouch inside for easy use.

Customized pp non woven shopping bag

Full printing PP non woven shopping bag, waterproof and reusable.

Eco Non Woven Shopping Bag

Solid color non woven tote shopping bag, customized design, customized printing.

Cotton Zipper Tote Bag

Black Cotton Zipper Shopping Tote Bag, large capactiy, customized size.

custom cotton bag

Eco-friendly cotton bag, reasonable price. From thin material to thicker material for your choose.

jute shopping bag

Nature color jute tote bag, with cotton rope inside the handle. Strong stand when you put on the tabel.

Custom Felt Tote Shopping Bag

Felt tote bag, from thin material to thicker material for your choose. With button on top for closure.

PP laminated shopping bag

Waterproof lamination bag with customer’s full CMYK printing.  More than 15kgs load capacility.

non woven bag new

Non woven shopping bag, your best promotion bag solution if there is budget limit.

Big Polyester Shopping Bag

Large size polyester folding bag with customized printing

mesh shopping bag

Mesh shopping bag, light weight with large capacity. Customized logo printing is welcome.

Your Reliable Reusable Shopping Bag Manufacturer in China

As one of the best professional reusable shopping bag manufacturer in China. Biben provide custom reusable shopping bag solution all around the world for more than 10 years. Your customized bag style, customized bag printing, customized bag color and customized design is highly welcome.

No matter you are a promotion company  buy shopping bags in stock or any other e-commerce company need shopping bag as gift item, or even retailer, you will find our reusable bag always meet your needs.

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Custom Reusable Shopping Bags

As a manufacturer of custom reusable shopping bags, Biben is specialized in making bags of all kinds of durable fabrics, such as non woven bags, PP woven bags, cotton bags, canvas bags, polyester bags.

Welcome to inquire if you are interested in any of them.

Custom Shopping Bag: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Do you have a lot of questions about custom reuable shopping bags?

Learn more about custom bags before placing an order?

Here are some we can help you.

Welcome to this helpful guide to ordering custom reusable shopping bags.

What is Custom Reusable Shopping Bag?

Unlike ordinary shopping bags which wear out in a single use, custom reusable shopping bag is durable, resistant to wear and tear, and can be used to lift heavy items. It can also be customized for you, including all the details you need. Whether it is material, size, printing and so on, you can make your own decision. These bags are all made of environmentally friendly materials, which will not pollute the environment even if they are discarded after long-term use.

How to Compare Reusable Shopping Bags made of Different Materials?

Different materials of shopping bags, there are different characteristics.

Non Woven Shopping Bags

Non woven bags are made by sewing and hot pressing technology. These bags are lightweight, soft and biodegradable easily. Low price, long service life. They are often used as promotional bags for shopping when printed with an advertising logo.

non woven shopping bag

PP Woven Shopping Bags

PP woven shopping bag  is non-toxic, odorless and generally less harmful to human body. Its fabric is stiffer than non-woven. The bag is more stronger than non woven bag.

pp woven shopping bag

Nylon Shopping Bags

Nylon shopping bag is corrosion resistance and good insulation properties. It has a good elasticity so the shopping bag made of it is not easy to deform. It has a large capacity.

polyester shopping bag

Cotton Shopping Bags

Cotton shopping bag is wear-resistant. It is stronger and more expensive than non woven bag. The logo printing effect on the bag is good due to delicate texture of cotton cloth. It is reusable and washable.

cotton shopping bag


Canvas Shopping Bags

Because most yarns in canvas bags are thicker than cotton bag’s, canvas shopping bag is more firm and durable. Since its price is higher, it is not as wildly used as non woven bag.

canvas shopping bag

Jute Shopping Bags

Jute fabric is a kind of plant fiber which is easily decomposable and environmental material. With good moisture absorption, heat conduction and air permeability, jute shopping bag has become fashionable.

jute shopping bag

What are the Characteristics of Custom Reusable Shopping Bags?

Aiming at the common characteristics of custom reusable shopping bags, we have made a summary.


This kind of bags has a long use life. Because of wear- resistant of bag materials, it can be used again and again.

pp woven durable

Large Capacity

The above shopping bags can hold many items and bear weight. They do not be broken easily after only being used once or twice.

Large Capacity


Their materials are soft enough to be folded. When folded, they become smaller and can be carried in a pocket or bag.



In order to protect the environment, custom reusable shopping bags made of environment-friendly materials are becoming more and more popular instead of plastic bags. They are used to reduce the pollution to the environment and paper material to protecting forest resources.

material certificates


According to your packaging needs, you can customize in many aspects, such as color, logo, size, style. You can choose one material for the bag and another material for the handle. All aspects of the design about the bag are up to you.

Custom Material

There are many materials suitable for reusable shopping bags. You can choose a suitable fabric for your custom reusable shopping bag.

custom material

Custom Color

No matter what kind of fabric, we have a variety of colors. There is always one for you.


custom color

Custom Logo

As a professional manufacturer making custom reusable shopping bags, Biben has mature printing techniques, including screen printing, heat transfer, digital printing, sublimation printing and UV printing. In addition to these, there is also an embroidery way to make the logo. We will choose the appropriate printing technology to make your logo depending on the colors of your logo and the material of the bag. Any content of the printing is welcome.

custom logo

Custom Style

Different designs, different aesthetics. You can send us your design by email, we will manufacture custom reusable shopping bag built on it.

custom style

Custom Handle

In order to carry easily, shopping bags are usually designed with handles. The design of handles can be different. It all depends on what you want or what you like. You can choose from a rope, tape or a handle with die-cut. If a handle with die-cut, a plastic ring pairs with it is good.

custom handle

Custom Size

Manufacturers which provide custom reusable shopping bags will make the bags on the basis of the measurements you gave. If you want to have bags of the same style and different sizes at the same time, we can make a set.

custom size

Custom Pouch

For pouches of foldable polyester shopping bags, manufacturers can make a variety of shapes according to your requirements. Whether you like plant, animal, or simple and ordinary design, we can make it.

custom pouch

Custom Pocket

When you go out, you can put your wallet, phone and keys in the pocket of the shopping bag. It is convenient. As an experienced manufacturer making custom reusable shopping bags,Biben can design the inside and outside pockets. For the closure of the pocket, you can choose zipper, drawstring, snap button and so on.


Custom Waterproof Processing

If you live in a rainy country or have a water resistant requirement, we can make an enhanced waterproof processing on the custom reusable shopping bag for you. The processing can prevent the item packed in the bag from wetting.

polyester, non woven waterproof


You can mark everything you want in detail in the design file you send to us, and we will realize it for you.

Why to Choose Biben as Your Custom Manufacturer?

For your manufacturer of custom reusable shopping bags, Biben is a good choice. We not only have rich experience bu also professional and mature workships.

Experienced in customization

Biben has ten years of experience in customization.You can print your unique logo on your custom reusable shopping bag by Biben.You can get a bag of which the size meets your requirement. Any need you may have will be met by Biben.

Whole Course Quality Control

Quality decides everything. Biben pays great attention to quality control throughout the production process. For the main material, we focus on the softness and safety of the fabric; In terms of sewing, we pay attention to the flatness of stitching, the the reinforcement degree of the joint; In terms of accessories, we will check the smoothness of the zipper and the fastening of the snap button or other accessories on the cloth; In terms of printing, we will compare the actual printing effect with the customer’s desired effect, and improve it until the customer is satisfied.

quality control

Is there any MOQ for Customized Order?

Yes. You need to order at least 1000 pieces of custom reusable shopping bags in Biben.

What is the Custom Order Process in Biben?

  • Inquiry
  • Artwork confirmation
  • Quote
  • Deposit paid
  • Pre-production confirmation
  • Mass production
  • Paking
  • Balance payment paid
  • Shipment confirmation
  • Receipt confirmation

custom order process

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