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As one of the best professional shopping bag manufacturer, Biben not only produce shopping bag, but also zipper bag, drawstring bag, cosmetic bag, backpack and any other promotion bag, retail bag.

Send us your design, we will suggest the best material solution. Low MOQ fro 500pcs with customized design.

transparent clear PVC bag

Transparent clear PVC tote bag and makeup bag, fashion style.

Nylon Folding Bag

Full color CMYK printing polyester folding bag, small pouch inside for easy use.

tyvek zipper bag new

1056D tyvek zipper bag, polyester lining. Zipper color match your logo color to make your design great. Bag is waterproof and untearable.

harrods bag

Same style Harrods PVC mirror bag, shiny surface with thicker material.

washable paper bag

Waterproof and untearable washable paper bag, thicker material, hard feeling and high quality.

custom cotton bag

Eco-friendly cotton bag, reasonable price. From thin material to thicker material for your choose.

jute shopping bag

Nature color jute tote bag, with cotton rope inside the handle. Strong stand when you put on the tabel.

Custom Felt Tote Shopping Bag

Felt tote bag, from thin material to thicker material for your choose. With button on top for closure.

PP laminated shopping bag

Waterproof lamination bag with customer’s full CMYK printing.  More than 15kgs load capacility.

non woven bag new

Non woven shopping bag, your best promotion bag solution if there is budget limit.

Insulated Bag

Insulated Bag is the bag to keep food warm or cold. Customized logo embossed.

mesh shopping bag

Mesh shopping bag, light weight with large capacity. Customized logo printing is welcome.

Your Reliable Promotion Shopping Bag Manufacturer in China

Biben has got a deep favor and high praise from global gusets.

We have enjoyed the high reputation due to reasonable price, high quality product, mature workermanship best customized service and delivery on time.

There is no lack of repeat buys.


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Biben-Shopping Bag Manufacturer

As a leading expert bag on manafacturing and selling, Biben has been in business for over ten years. Our main product line is shopping bag, such as mesh tote bag, cotton bag, transparent pvc cosmentic bag, non woven bag, washable kraft paper bag, tyvek zipper bag, felt bag, jute bag, oxford bag, PP Laminated shopping bag, paper shopping bag and etc.

Any inquiry for bags is always welcome

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custom shopping bag

Shopping Bag: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

All about shopping bags are here.This is a guide with the theme of ”shopping bags”.

Whether you are a brand owner or a e-commerce seller, as long as you want to know about shopping bags or buy them, this guide is the best answer.

What is Shopping Bag?

In modern society, people are increasingly pursuing a low carbon and low pollution lifestyle. As a result, the demand for shopping bags have been increasing. As the name suggests, shopping bags are most commonly used for shopping. Compared to non-biodegradable plastic bags, eco-friendly shopping bags are more popular. As an environment-loving bag manufacturer, Biben has been committed to the research of various environmental protection materials of shopping bags, and would like to contribute to the cause of environmental protection of the earth.

A high quality shopping bag is welcome, your brand logo will been printed on the shopping bag, which is the best way for brand promoting. It has consistently been a favorite of sellers on platforms like Amazon.

custom shopping bag

What are the Advantures of Shopping Bags?

Large capacity, easy folding and reusability are the three main advantures of shopping bag.

Large Capacity

A shopping packaging bag has a large capacity requirement. It needs to be big enough to hold the things you buy or carry. Correspondingly, with more things in the bag, the load-bearing capacity of the bag needs to be strengthened. So as shopping bags, they need to be large capacity and also strong load-bearing capacity.

large capacity shopping bag


Some kind of shopping bag is made of light fabrics it can be folded up and carried around easily. You don’t need to hold it alone in your hand. It is small enough to fit into a handbag or pocket.

Big Polyester Shopping Bag


As a professional shopping bag manufacturer, we choose the material which is environmentally friendly, the ingredients innocuousness for environment, also it can be used multiple times. They can hold a large weight and are less likely to be torn than ordinary plastic shopping bags that are too thin before. They can have a longer service life.

reusable shopping bag

Can You Customize some Shopping Bags?

Yes, Biben as a shopping bag manufacturer is able to customized bags with your detail requirment. Next, pls feel free to let us talk about the logo as one of the main customizations.


You can print your logo design on shopping bags. The use of the bags will increase your brand popularity.

shopping bag customized logo

For logo, there are different printing method based on logo design & the bag material you choose, including silk printing, UV printing, digital printing, heat transfer, sublimation printing, embroidery, gold stamping and so on. Each has its own advantages and scope of application.

different printin method on shopping bag

In addition to the logo, advertising slogan and QR code are also acceptable.

Which Shopping Bag is Best for You?

To find out which shopping bag is best for you, first you need to determine what you are going to carry with the bag. To determine how big this thing is, whether it is heavy or not, you can choose what kind of fabric you want, and how thick the fabric can bear its weight. What kind of bag suits its style, upscale or plain?

You can customize a shopping bag or choose from our existing stock. Of course, custom-made items are more expensive. The more detailed information you give us, the more suitable the bag we can make for you.

shopping bag

What are the Reasons for Choosing Biben?

There are five reasons to choose us over other shopping bag manufacturers.


In Biben, a custom shopping bag manafacturer, if you can’t find what you are looking for in the off-the-shelf bag, you can customize a bag that will fit your requirements exactly. In addition to the above mentioned custom logo, we can also customize the material, size, accessory, color, handle, etc. We don’t need to list all the options here, just send us what you want and we’ll give you the best solution.

customized shopping bag

Quality Assurance

In order to accurately produce the bag you need, we will provide you with the artwork for free before order. If you have paid the deposit, we will first make a free pre-production sample before mass production, and then take a picture for you to double check, to confirm the actual finished quality. If you are not satisfied with anything or the sample does not meet your requirements, please let us know as soon as possible and we will make improvement. We will adhere to quality control and carry out high quality detail treatment on the bags throughout the production process, which will surely give you a batch of satisfactory bags.

high quality shopping bag


Specialized Production

With ten years of experience, Biben has mature workships and equirement. As a professional shopping bag manufacturer, we will choose the most appropriate process to achieve the most perfect bag after repeated comparison and deliberation.


Delivery Assured 

As a global leading brand manufacturer, Biben’s forwarders are all over the place. So you can rest assured completely even if you do not have a forwarder. When the packing is finished, we will take a photo for you to confirm. After you pay balance payment, we will plan the most economic and assured freight route according to your requirements, on time delivery.

delivery assurance

Safety Guarantee

Materials made into shopping bags are no harmless to humans and environment. they reach the standard level of food and can direct contact food. There is no threat to health. Pls rest assured to use.

shopping bag certificate


What is the MOQ of Shopping Bags in Biben?

500pcs. Our MOQ of shopping bag is 500pcs and the MOQ of customized order is 1000pcs. Pls feel free to inquiry.

shopping bag MOQ


How to Order in Biben?

Orders of Biben can be divided into two types, including stock orders and customized orders. When you take a fancy to our stock bag and there is no need to change it, this order is easy to be finished. They can be directly packed into the carton. If the bag needs to be altered or you have your own design, you may have to wait a relatively long time.

shopping bag order process


Here we specifically list the detailed ordering steps for customized order.


  • Inquiry
  • Artwork
  • Quote
  • Deposit
  • Pre-production
  • Mass production
  • Paking
  • Balance payment
  • Shipment
  • Delivery

custom order process of shopping bag

As a enthusiastic shopping bag manufacturer, your any inquiry is highly welcome.

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