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Retro style never out of date. Washable kraft paper bag become a widespread trend due to its unique vintage sound. 

As  a professional washable kraft paper bag manufacturer, Biben not only provide shopping bags, but also cosmetic bags, document bags, laptop bags and other plant pots.

We support customized bags and insist high quality. When your quantity of per design equals or exceeds 500 pieces, we will offer you the solution.

washable paper bag

Nature color washable kraft tote bag with cotton tape handle, simple logo printing on one side.

Strong Bottom Washable Paper Tote Bag

Washable kraft paper tote bag, nature brown color, cotton handle to bottom.

washable kraft paper tote bag

Standard size, standard color washable kraft paper tote bag, plain design, durable handle

washable kraft paper zipper bag

Nature color, washable kraft paper zipper bag with match zipper color.

washable kraft paper pencil bag

Large capacity washable kraft paper pencil storage bag

washable kraft paper coin bag

Washable kraft paper coin zipper bag, white color and brown color combined.

washable kraft paper laptop bag

Washable kraft paper laptop bag, large capacity zipper closure with small tote handle.

washable kraft paper storage bag

Washable kraft paper storage bag, customized size & customized design printing.

washable kraft paper file bag

Washable kraft paper file bag with string closure, customized size & customized printing.

Biben: Your greatest Washable Kraft Paper Manufacturer in China

Washable kraft paper bag is a new type of low carbon eco-friendly bag.

While having the properties of ordinary paper bags, it is also waterproof, washable and untearable.

Its service life is far more than the former. From coin bag, file bag to tote bag, backpack. A variety of styles are designed for all brands with a retro look. If you have a customized requirement, Biben being a professional washable karft paper manufacturer accomplishs it.

Only more than 500 pieces per design

Washable kraft paper bag style

Biben Washable Kraft Paper Bag

As a professional manufacturer, Biben provides bags not only with common materials such as polyester, cotton, mesh, but also tyvek and washable kraft paper. Just send us the details of the product you need, we can finish even if it is not an unusual style.

Washable kraft paper bag: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

  • What is washable kraft paper?
  • What are thefeaturesof washable kraft paper?
  • What can washable kraft paper bags be used for?
  • Is it possible to print your logo on the washable kraft paper?
  • What are the advantages of Biben as a washable kraft paper bag manufacturer?
  • How to compare Washable Kraft Paper Bag to Other Material Bags?
  • How to order online?
  • What is our MOQ?

As a new material, you may not know much about washable kraft paper. For some FAQ, there is a summary of the answers.

What is Washable Kraft Paper?

Washable kraft paper is made from natural fibre pulp. It is a new type of low carbon environmental protection material. It is a kind of kraft paper that can be printed, washed and laminated.This kind of paper is wear resistant with a high suture strength and high flexibility. It is durable and can service you for a longer time.

Washable kraft paper

What are the Features of Washable Kraft Paper?

Washable kraft paper is a biodegradable paper material. It is not only waterproof but also wearproof. Unlike ordinary kraft paper, it is washable. After soaking in water, it becomes untearable.

washable contrast

The hand feeling of washable kraft paper is comfortable, close to the leather.

Hand feeling

What are the Colors of Washable Kraft Paper?

Washable kraft paper comes in a variety of colors. The most commonly used ones are white, brown and black. In addition to these, there are bronze, tawny, stone, ivory and other colors.

washable kraft paper color swacth

The thickness range of washable kraft paper is 0.23 to 0.8 mm. You can choose a thickness depending on the hand feeling or the relative weight bearing capacity you want. The most common are 0.35mm and 0.5mm.


What can Washable Kraft Paper be used for?

Wahsable kraft paper bag manufacturer usually uses this special kraft paper to make bags, boxes, sleeves, plant pots, backpacks, clothing signs and tags. Because of its washable, wearproof and other characteristics, washable kraft paper is very popular with customers who have a customized demand. Manufactures will design styles of bags according to the different purposes for which you use them. The most common uses of washable kraft paper bags are as follows: plant packaging, document packaging, food packaging, makeup tool packaging, pad packaging, wine packaging, glasses packaging, cash packaging. You can pick one from the following styles to meet your packaging requirement.

Cooler bags

Washable kraft paper cooler bag


Washable kraft paper handbag

Crossbody bags

Washable kraft paper crossbody bag

Cosmetic bags

Washable kraft paper cosmetic bag

Plant pots

Washable kraft paper plant pot

Document bags

Washable kraft paper document bag


Washable kraft paper backpack

Coin purses

Washable kraft paper coin purse

Storage bags

Washable kraft paper storage bag

Laptop bags

Washable kraft paper laptop bags

Wine bags

Washable kraft paper wine bags


Washable kraft paper wallet

In addition to the usual washable kraft paper bags listed above, washable kraft paper bag manufacturer also makes tissue boxes, glasses boxes, pet mats and card sleeves.

Washable kraft paper other bags

How to compare Washable Kraft Paper Bag to Other Material Bags?

Washable kraft paper bag is washable, untearable and reusable. You can wash them when they get dirty. In dry conditions, the bag is tearable. But after soaking in water, it becomes soft, pliable and tear resistant. When it dries again, you can use it again. Compared with ordinary kraft paper bags, the washable kraft paper bags are more durable and has a higher deformation resistance.

washable kraft paper contrast

Its price is higher than the ordinary paper bags.

washable kraft paper price

It is more retro than the transparent PVC bag which is also waterproof.

washable kraft paper contrast

What are the Washing Methods of Washable Kraft Paper?

This kind of kraft paper is washable. After soaking in water, washable kraft paper will not spoil. It can be used again after it has been air-dried or ironed. Here you can pick some methods to wash it.

  • Stone mill washing
  • Enzyme washing
  • Dry cleaning

How to Print Your Logo on Washable Kraft Bag?

Washable kraft paper bag manufacturer will choose a printing technology to print your logo on the basis of your logo design and the effect you want. Here you will see two of the most commonly used printing technologies.

Silk screen printing

This printing technology is not limited by printing area. It is suitable for flat or curved surfaces and cheap. The printing printed by this technology has bright colours.


Digital print

Digital printing is a printing process in which a computer prints directly onto a cloth. It is characterized by a high printing speed and suitable for big batch printing. It is more expensive than screen printing.

digital printing

As a excellent washable kraft paper bag manufacturer, Biben will choose the most suitable printing method for you according your logo printing requirement.

What Items of bags can You Customize in Biben?

In Biben, a washable kraft paper bag manufacturer, you can customize bags, including the color, logo, size, style, etc.

custom item

According your requirements, Biben will choose the most best solution for you.

What is the MOQ of Custom Bags in Biben?

Our customized MOQ is 1000pcs/design. Being a reliable washable kraft paper bag manufacturer, Biben offer premium product and assured shipment for you.


What is Custom Order Process in Biben?

  • Inquiry


  • Artwork design confirmation

Bag size, bag color, logo design, logo color…

  • Order

Pay the deposit

  • Sample confirmation

If you need to check before mass production

  • Production process

Carry out quality control and detail check

  • Shipment confirmation

Delivery time, delivery method…

  • Receiptconfirmation

Receiving time, bag quality, bag quantity…


What are the Reasons of Choosing Biben as Your Manufacturer?

As a professional washable kraft paper bag manufacturer, Biben has many advantages as below,

  • Broad experience

Biben has years of experience. We have met and completed many challenges.

  • Mature technology

Biben has a amazing sewing technology and multiple mature printing techniques. These mature techniques allow us to make bags that satisfy our customers.

  • Innovative thinking

Custom business we offer make us keep improving.

  • Qualityassurance

We insist full quality control and pay attention to detail processing.

washable kraft paper detail processing

Delivery assurance

Freight forwarders we cooperate with are all over the country. There is a variety of freight transports. You do not need to worry.

freight transports


When you inquiry on our online website, you need to tell us something about your demands of bag, including material, size, color, logo design, quantity and so on. Tell us something you want, we will provide a appropriate solution. Tell us quantity you need, you will receive the best quotation. There is always one style for you in Biben. There is always a custom bag for you in Biben.

Pls feel free to contact us if there is any inquiry.

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